Small Livestock

Small Livestock, Big Business

The swine, sheep and goat industries are often overlooked, but not by the feed department at MKC. Our specialists understand the importance of quality nutrition to the overall success of your operation. We offer complete and nutritious diets, or our expert nutritionists can formulate rations that help promote feed efficiency and productivity. Contact our feed specialists to learn more! 

What We Offer



KSU Swine Trace Mineral Premix

Granular - Trace minerals for hog rations


KSU Swine Vitamin Premix with Phytase

Granular - Vitamin mix for hog rations



Countryside 16% Goat R20 (Medicated)

Finisher, can be fed as a whole ration


Purina® Goat Mineral

Mineral supplement for goats; feed free choice


Purina® Goat Grower 16 DQ .0015

Pelleted complete feed formulated for optimum growth


Land O Lakes® Doe's Match Milk Replacer

Formulated to meet the nutritional needs of kids


Purina® Accuration® Sheep & Goat Hi-Fat Block

Supports proper protein intake



Countryside Feed Grower Complete B30

Formulated for growing lambs


Purina® Sheep Balancer B136

All-purpose supplement for use in all stages


Purina® Wind and Rain® Sheep Mineral

Mineral feed for all classes of sheep


Land O Lakes Ultra Fresh Lamb Milk Replacer

Designed to hand feed by bottle


Purina® Accuration® Sheep & Goat Hi-Fat Block

Supports proper protein intake



The Chemistry of Great Pig Feed Intake

Early and repeat pig feed intake is the foundation of growth, weight gain and excellent gut function. You have the power to create a positive feedback loop by choosing feed with research-proven, intake-enhancing ingredients that drive feeding behavior and keep pigs coming back for more. It all starts with a pig’s sense of smell.

Be Picky About Your Pig Feed

Choosing the right feed is an important part of raising pigs. Like humans, pigs’ bodies and health are highly influenced by what they eat. Providing a quality pig feed can support your pigs’ well-being, as well as your goal of producing nutritious pork for your family.


Urinary Calculi in Goats

In goats, clinical obstructive urolithiasis, or urinary calculi, is most frequently seen in young, early-castrated male goats fed high-grain diets. Urinary calculi are incredibly painful and life-threatening. Learn the clincal signs urinary calculi and best management practices to optimally control incidence of urinary calculi. 

Three Goat Mineral "Must-Haves"

How do you decide what goat mineral to feed? Is it the same mineral you've always fed, a mineral your neighbor feeds or are you skipping mineral altogether? Mineral plays a critical role in goat performance, so it's important to select the right mineral for your herd. 


Sheep Nutrition Critical for Year-Round Performance

Each stage of a sheep's production cycle calls for specific sheep nutrition requirements to help them perform at their best and meet their genetic potential. Sheep nutrition requirements include six nutrients and energy.

Creep Feeding Lambs

Getting young lambs off to a good start sets the table for the potential for a healthy, fast growing, profitable lamb. Creep feeding young lambs provides an opportunity to get lambs started on feed at a much younger age. These lambs then have the potential for optimal weaning weights and can have added bloom and finish.