Crank Up Your Control with Fungicides

Protect your plants now with fungicide to deliver the greatest return on investment.

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2022 Virtual Show Feed Meeting

This informational meeting will feature experts from Purina Animal Nutrition who will talk about all things show animal nutrition.

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shared Growth. Shared Success.

Without a doubt, when MKC initially adopted the tagline “Shared growth. Shared success.” it was aspirational. But at the time, we couldn’t have envisioned what that simple tag line would lead us to accomplish over time. We couldn’t have imagined what it would mean for the success of the cooperative, what it would mean for our employees' dedication each and every day, and how it would help our owners achieve personal success. 

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Explore a Career

As one of the leading agricultural companies in Kansas, we believe employees play an important role in the growth and success of the cooperative. Learn more about our open full-time, part-time and seasonal positions and employee benefits.

Sample the Real World

MKC's internship program has turned into a career for a number of college students. Students who are pursing degrees in ag business, communications, accounting, agronomy and technology are encouraged to seek an internship with MKC. 

Driving Intern Potential 

The Collegiate Career Development Program can help bridge the nine-month gap of lost opportunity with supplemental professional skill development and emphasis on continued intern/partner communication to improve full-time performance.