Shared Growth. Shared Success. 

Without a doubt, when MKC initially adopted the tagline “Shared growth. Shared success.” it was aspirational. But at the time, we couldn’t have envisioned what that simple tag line would lead us to accomplish over time. We couldn’t have imagined what it would mean for the success of the cooperative, what it would mean for our employees' dedication each and every day, and how it would help our owners achieve personal success. 

Serving Producers Since 1965

MKC is a full-service farm cooperative offering a complete line of supplies and services for both farm and urban customers throughout Kansas. With a current membership of nearly 10,000 members, MKC specializes in grain, agronomy, energy, feed and risk management. More than 375 employees play an important role in the growth and success of the cooperative.

MKC was founded in 1965 by the merger of three neighboring cooperatives in Moundridge, Buhler, and Groveland. Since its' founding, it has grown in size and territory through mergers and acquisitions to meet customer needs.

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Connected To Our Communities

MKC is committed to helping our rural communities prosper and prepare for tomorrow. Developing leaders within our communities, alleviating hunger and enhancing ag education and community safety are just some of the programs that we are proud to support. Over the past five years, more than $500,000 has been donated to these types of programs including the following 4-H Leadership Development, Mennonite Relief, community food banks, FFA, Ag in the Classroom, community festivals and more.

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Electronic Credit and Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in MKC. Whether you are looking to become a member, establish a charge account or add a Fuel 24 card, you have come to the right place.

To complete the application and sign the document electronically, an email address is required. If an email is not available, please scroll down and download our paper application.

Click the button below to access MKC electronic membership and credit documents.

If you have any questions regarding our membership and credit forms, please email us at contactus@mkcoop.com or call us at 620-345-6328.

Complete application online and submit.
If applying for a membership, mail $50 membership fee to:
Attn: Kelli Nightingale
P.O. Box D
Moundridge, KS 67107

Click here to view the bylaws and articles of incorporation of MKC.

Alt Option: Complete Credit And Membership Application By Paper

If you wish to print off paper copies of the credit and membership application and complete by hand, please use the buttons below to access the required documents.

If submitted by email, application must be printed, signed and then scanned into email.

If you have any questions regarding our membership and credit forms, please email us at contactus@mkcoop.com or call us at 620-345-6328.
Upon completing your forms by hand, applications can be submitted to MKC by mail or dropped off at your nearest MKC location. Be sure your documents are signed and send via mail to MKC along with the $50 membership fee (if applicable) to:
Attn: Kelli Nightingale
P.O. Box D
Moundridge, KS 67107


While cooperatives resemble other businesses, they do have two very unique business characteristics that set them apart. First, they are owned and controlled by the members who use their services and second, the members share in the cooperative’s earnings.

The MKC Board of Directors is made up of local, agricultural business leaders, who are recognized for the industry expertise, as well as economic and community development skills. The Board of Director’s mission is to provide strategic direction and promote the cooperative’s long-term growth and financial stability.

The Board of Directors are composed of nine directors and up to six appointed associate directors. The nine director positions include one director in each of the three districts and six at-large positions. Directors are nominated by the Nominating Committee and elected from the membership to serve for three-year terms at the Annual Stockholders' Meeting. 

These directors represent the members of MKC.


MKC is proud to have a leadership team that is passionate about and invested in the future success of the cooperative and our member-owners. Read more about our leaders and the experiences they bring to our organization by clicking on the photos below.

Furthering Your Education

Every year, MKC offers scholarships to deserving high school seniors and college students from across Kansas. A total of ten scholarships will be awarded to high school seniors and ten scholarships will be awarded to returning college students for their second, third or fourth year.

To be eligible for a MKC scholarship, students must be planning to attend or return to an accredited university or college including a community, vocational or technical school. The 2021 scholarship program is now closed. Please check back for details regarding the 2022 scholarship program.