Equine Extravaganza

Dec 21, 2021
MKC reined in local equine enthusiasts to host a specie specific event on November 17, at the Rim Rock Conference Center. The first ever Equine Extravaganza was organized by Zoe Miller, feed sales specialist, and Katelin Hendricks, counter and scale specialist, both from the Manhattan location. garrett.png
The event provided a learning environment for local horse owners to gain knowledge on MKC horse feed and supplements.
 “A lot of people know we sell livestock feed but are unaware that we sell performance feed,” Miller says. “The Equine Extravaganza shed light on our cooperative’s capability to sell high quality feed products, not just basic mixes. Participants ranged from prime equine accounts, walk in customers and those MKC is trying to grow their business with. The diverse population of horse enthusiasts in the area made our event enjoyable and inclusive as we invited people with various experiences to attend,” Miller added.
Attendees learned from Sarah Leonhard, sales specialist for Purina and dealer for MKC and partner, Countryside Feed. She spoke on the danger of believing something to be true without checking the facts or speaking to a specialist on the issue. Leonhard engaged the crowd with an interactive presentation, a game of “True or False” that broke down myths about horse feed. horses.png

Wendy Winn, a Burns Saddlery representative, also spoke on saddle fitting and Purina products that have impacted her animal’s performance. 
“Winn spoke on the correct saddle fitting needs, and the impact on performance and health aspects of specifically barrel racing and roping horses,” Hendricks states. “She also promoted the feeds that MKC feed specialists have provided her with to aid her performance horses in large scale competitions.” 
“We knew this kind of event would be a great fit for the equine industry surrounding the Manhattan location,” Miller added. “There aren’t a lot of equine events like this in the area so we wanted to let people know they can trust MKC with their horse feed needs and talk with a feed specialist about feed specifics.” Miller notes. 
The event ended with generous giveaways dispersed by a ticket drawing, with prizes like MKC cups, lanyards, feed bags and Purina bags with a supplement measuring cup and Outlast supplement sample. bag.png
Miller notes, “We got a lot of feedback from our guests stating they have been searching for an event like this and appreciated the small group environment.” 
A charcuterie board, which contained a variety of meats, cheeses, nuts and fudge garnered high approval as it added an enticing factor, allowing participants to learn about MKC and Purina products, while enjoying themselves with friends and family.”

The Equine Extravaganza was a high-class informative event allowing for customers to experience MKC’s horse feed capabilities. Stay tuned for more educational events from our feed sales specialists.