Far from a vanishing American asset, the family farm makes up 98% of U.S. farms and 87% of farm production. Most of these farm families will say that sustaining their family legacy on the farm is a top priority for them. As a result, they look to be stewards of the land, protecting and enhancing what they have for the next generation.

Farming margins in some years can be razor thin – if they are there at all. As a result, new sources of income are always welcome to offset increasing costs of production. One developing market is related to carbon sequestration tied to conservation practices on the farm.

Sprouting Soybeans

MKC facilitates a new program to help farmers participate in the carbon market. The MKC Optimal Environmental Asset Program (EcoAsset) provides payments for implementing or continuing practices such as cover crops, reduced or no tillage, variable rate fertilizer applications. It’s available for corn, soybean and wheat acres. 

EcoAsset is part of a bigger philosophy at MKC, where we demonstrate our commitment to sustain the environment, rural communities and the vitality of our cooperative through education and stewardship. Like the family farm, MKC has served for generations, and we intend to serve many more.

Practice Makes Profit


Truterra offers the leading farmer-driven ag and food sustainability program in the U.S. Since the program launch in 2016 by Land O'Lakes, Inc., over 1,900 farmers put their trust in the Truterra network to help them advance and accelerate stewardship on 29,000 fields.