MKC announces the acquisition of Mid-West Fertilizer

May 13, 2020 | MKCoop
MKC has finalized the acquisition of Mid-West Fertilizer, Inc., a full-service agricultural retailer headquartered in Paola, Kansas, effective May 12. The company will operate as Mid-West Fertilizer, LLC.  

COVID-19 Protocols at MKC After Plan To Reopen Kansas

May 04, 2020 | MKCoop
While we would like to get back to our pre-COVID-19 business practices as rapidly as possible, we know there are still risks associated with this virus that does not yet allow us to do so.  At MKC, we are striving to make sure our response to COVID-19 is consistent with cont...

Maximizing Spring Top-Dress Applications

Apr 30, 2020 | MKCoop
With #plant2020 here, spring top-dress applications should be top-of-mind for many growers. Typical top-dress applications are applied using white urea, with this though you may be setting yourself up for increased losses to ammonia volatilization, leaching and denitrification. B...