MKC Restricts Public Facility Access Due To COVID-19

Mar 19, 2020

At MKC, we are continually monitoring the changes to our company in light of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its effects on our employees, member-owners and the communities we live and work. We will continue to follow the guidelines set by public health authorities and government agencies.
MKC assures our member-owners that we will continue to provide support across our footprint for critical products, programs and services for their operation. MKC will continue to work daily to support these customers, and this will continue during the upcoming weeks, while we also take steps to protect the health of our employees.
With direction from our internal COVID-19 task force and leadership, we put into effect plans to move all of our locations to essential operations only over the next two weeks on March 16. 

Since our first announcement, we have made additional changes to our restricted and/or limited public access protocol. We will remain open but conducting business differently. The following are changes to our business structure we would like to make you aware of because of COVID-19: 
All facilities will be locked. No facilities will be open to the public. All locations will be staffed with limited employees; however, they will remain closed from public foot traffic. Only MKC employees will be allowed inside any buildings. If you would need to drive onto our property for supplies, please call ahead. We will have signs on all entrances at our facilities with a contact number for each location. 
Essential operations only. All facilities will still run essential operations with minimum workforce. 
Limitations of in-person meetings. To help with the personal interaction and passing of COVID-19, we are asking that all communication be done by phone, email and text as much as possible. We pride ourselves in personal meetings with our customers. However, that personal touch now carries risk. Thus, until further notice, our sales team will not be making face-to-face sales calls and will be contacting you via phone or through other electronic communication methods. The use of video chat is valuable and can be close to personal meetings without the risk of spreading COVID-19.
Call ahead for pick-ups and deliveries. If you need to pick-up or make a delivery at any facility, please call ahead to make arrangements. Calling ahead will allow the employees at the facility to be ready for you. 
If you are picking up supplies, our team will have it ready for you on the dock. You may pull up and load. If you would need assistance with loading, please call when you arrive on our property, stay in your truck and we will load it for you. These steps will help to ensure social distancing. For those that find it essential to visit a facility, we ask that you, please only do so if you are not experiencing any symptoms of the coronavirus. 
Energy and feed deliveries. All energy and feed deliveries will be done with continued efficiency and diligence. MKC team members have been instructed to limit their interactions onsite with customers. 
Making payments. As always, we encourage payments to be made online through our Customer Portal at
MKC will continue to make every effort possible to communicate with our member-owners and employees clearly throughout this period. Information about the state’s response to this emergency event can be found at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s COVID-19 Resource Center at
Thank you for everyone’s understanding and your continued business. 


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