How to Control Flies with Mineral this Summer

Jun 21, 2019

Warmer weather comes with a lot of perks, but it also brings more flies that are bothersome to livestock. The bites from horned flies will cause cattle to change their behavior. Cattle will go off feed, go off their normal grazing pattern and spend more time under trees in the shade. Fly bites will also cause their milk production to go down as well.

All of the behavior changes cause average daily gain to drop 15 to 50 pounds, ultimately causing producers to lose profits. According to a USDA Report “Horned flies cause cattle owners to lose over $1,000,000,000 annually.”

Purina Wind and Rain Storm Fly Control Mineral is the perfect solution to your fly control needs. The cattle digest the mineral, then the Altosid insect growth regulator will be spread through their manure as they graze.  Once flies lay eggs in the manure, the insect growth regulator stops most eggs from hatching and becoming hungry adult flies. This keeps the overall fly population down and cattle content. 
“At MKC we hold an EPA license to manufacture fly control mineral under our MKC labeled products. For producers who graze their horses and cattle together, we can include the multiple species safe product, Clairfly, to provide fly control in their mineral program. At our MKC feed locations, we also carry Smart Lic tubs which provide fly control for equine,” said Gary Schmidt, livestock nutritionist and marketing specialist.
To learn more about fly control management, contact an MKC feed specialist. Be sure to visit your nearest MKC location for your animal nutrition needs today.