Let's Test your Soil DNA!

Sep 14, 2023

Do you have that one problem field that always has you puzzled? Have you thought about adding another soil test in with your grid sampling package to test the soil DNA? We’ve partnered with a company called Trace Genomics based out of Ames, Iowa that provides us with a full chemistry panel, as well as biological data on well over 225 pathogens and nutrient cycling functions.

A crop specific report is then generated for diseases that could potentially affect each unique crop. This information is very valuable during the pre-planning process by helping to determining the correct seed variety traits, the necessary seed treatments, nitrogen stabilizers, and making any other in-season, disease management decisions. Having a Trace Genomics analysis will reveal the additional yield limiting factors on each field that are outside of the typical, soil nutrient test.

Trace Genomics also provides a Phosphorus analysis. This will tell us if there’s any phosphorus tie-up that could be taking place and if solutions like biologicals could be useful in releasing more phosphorus that’s already in the soil. The Trace Complete package that includes pathogen testing and phosphorus analysis is $300 per sample and 2-3 are recommended per field.

Please don’t settle for another year of poor performance on those fields that always under perform. Why not take a deeper look into the soil and have effective management strategies for your next cropping season? For more information, please contact your local MKC sales staff, or the Ag Tech Department at agtech@mkcoop.com, or visit TraceCOMPLETE to learn more.