Ride Along Series with Strategic Account Manager

Sep 16, 2021
Name: Jenna Stonehocker
Hometown: Clearwater, Kansas
Territory: Manhattan, Alta Vista and Onega 
What are the current growth stages of the crops you are scouting for? 
 Short season corn is currently at harvest, while the long season varieties are a couple of weeks out from harvest. A lot of my growers have been knocking the dust of their combines and are preparing for corn harvest. The soybeans are at pod fill stage and will be ready for harvest in four to eight weeks. 
Are you seeing any insect and/or disease pressure? If so, what are you seeing? sds_stem_compressed.jpg
In the Manhattan area, there has been little to no insect pressure. Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) has been detected in soybeans. Early symptoms of infection include areas of the leaf yellowing between the veins. In addition, I typically go out in a field that is affected and pull a stem. Starting from the bottom of the stem, I then safely slice it in half with a knife and look at the pith and cortex. A browned cortex and white pith are an indication of SDS.

Based on the growth stages and environmental factors that you are seeing, what recommendations are you giving your growers today? 
I encourage growers to watch irrigation acres for Sudden Death Syndrome because it is the main source of infection along with a fungal borne pathogen and environmental changes, being rainfall.
In order to help set a grower up for success, what is one thing you will do in the next 30 days to achieve that goal? 

A lot of growers are currently utilizing and purchasing the FarmTRX yield monitors. Helping growers update their fields in the system is an essential task to help prepare for harvest.