The Benefits of Fall Burndown

Oct 17, 2022
With harvest currently in full swing and plans being made for next year, now is a great time to remind everyone Thumbnail-Images-5.png​about the benefits of running a fall burndown on fields that will be going to row crops in the spring of 2023.

Fall burndowns are one of the cheaper herbicide applications we make each year but they can have a significant impact on how your farming operation gets started when spring rolls around. Even if you are currently unsure of what you will plant in the spring, there are herbicide options available that would allow you to rotate to corn, soybeans or milo and still keep your fields clean through the winter and early spring.

Marestail and other winter annuals can easily be controlled with a fall burndown and if these weeds are not kept in check, they can really be a problem in the spring and end up costing you more money to catch back up. Typically the best time to make fall burndown applications is once the soil temperatures start to cool down in late October or early November.

Benefits of Fall Burndown:
  • A cheaper option for herbicide application
  • Allows you to apply herbicides without knowing what you're going to plant
  • Keeps your fields clean through winter and spring
  • Controls weeds
If you have any questions about products or rates and want to visit with someone about a good recommendation for your farm, please contact your SAM or nearest MKC agronomy location.