Ride Along Series with Strategic Account Manager

Oct 11, 2021
Name: Ed Cook
Hometown: Plains, Kansas
Territory: Meade, Seward and Grant

What are the current growth stages of the crops you are scouting for?
All the crops that were planted in-season are ready for harvest. Due to dry conditions, wheat that was recently planted has not came up yet.

What are you seeing coming out of the field through harvest?corn_blogimage.png
In corn, we are seeing a significant increase in yield compared to previous years. Corn harvest has wrapped up in my area and some customers have yielded over 300 bushels/acre.

Do you have any plots or trials that you are taking out? If so, what were the results?
NK 1573 and Brevant™ B14Z97Q are two test trials in my area that were recently harvested. The Brevant™ variety took out 265.1 bushels/acre, and the NK variety took out 276.9 bushels/acre. Both irrigated varieties yielded significantly. These seed varieties are offered through MKC. 

Based on the trials and their results, what recommendations are you giving your growers today?
The purpose of the trials is to see how different varieties develop and respond to conditions in our area. This will give the customer the opportunity to receive knowledgeable recommendations on what varieties will be best to plant in the spring. 

In order to help set a grower up for success, what is one thing you will do in the next 30 days to achieve that goal?
I encourage customers to develop a plan for next spring for their corn and soybeans. This typically includes having a discussion about corn seed and fertilizer applications.