Ride Along Series with Strategic Account Manager

Nov 18, 2021
Name: Kevin Whitehair
Hometown: Abilene
Territory: Abilene (Dickinson, Saline, Clay and Ottawa)

Q: What are the best varieties you are recommending to your customers based on environmental factors of your area?

Dekalb | The recommended corn varieties for Dekalb are DKC 64-25 and DKC 65-95. 
•    DKC 64-25 is a 114-day Hybrid that can go on any acre and perform well. 
•    DKC 65-95 is a 115-day Hybrid and has great top end yield on better soils.

 Brevant® | B13C71SX and B08C92AML are two favorable varieties.
•    B13C71SX has a wide range of adaptability and responds well with proper nutrient management. 
•    B08C92AML can go across many soil types and perform well. In addition, this variety offers enhanced control of the corn earworm and western bean cutworm. 

Croplan | 5515 VT2P/SS, 5163 VT2P/SS and 5370VT2P/SS have proven to be best in my area. 
•    5515 VT2P/SS is a stable performer across the tough Kansas acres. 
•    5163 VT2P/SS can be planted on higher pH soils and perform well. 
•    5370VT2P/SS can be placed on the tough dryland acres and best irrigated. This hybrid responds to aggressive management and can perform well at moderate populations. 

•    Asgrow 42XF1 is an Xtendflex soybean that can go on any acre in central Kansas and perform well. This variety bringsSR trait, which can go in a double crop scenario too. 

Croplan | Croplan 4322ES and 4529ES are two reliable enlist 3 soybean varieties. 
•    4322ES is a good performer and will be placed in a full season environment. 
•    4529ES is an excellent play for the double crop acre in central and southern Kansas. 

Brevant® | Brevant 389EE and 419EE are two Enlist 3 soybean varieties. 
•    389EE have strong early emergence and late season standability. In addition, this variety does well where Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) may be a problem. 
•    419EE provides an upstanding agronomic package and has good yield potential. 

Q: What trends did you notice this past growing season that impacts your seed recommendations for next year?
Whitehair: The challenge of the year was the shortage of the liberty herbicide. This year more than ever we learned to improve weed control systems to be able to mix liberty with the enlist for 2022.

Q: Are there any prepay or discount programs available to your customers who are looking to purchase seed?
Whitehair: MKC offers an 8% cash discount available through November 19. In addition, there is opportunity for a volume discount for customers that go with any of our brands (Dekalb, asgrow, cropland, Brevant®, NK). The more of any of those brands a producer purchases, the more of a discount they will receive. 

Q: In order to help set a grower up for success, what is one thing you will do in the next 30 days to achieve that goal?
Whitehair: Bringing the best value of genetics to potential yield and being able to bring something that is consistently good that customers can count on year in, and year out is something we strive for. MKC has the advantage of covering a wide variety of territory, therefore, it is important to consider how hybrids and varieties adapt to other territories, which adds volume to our producers and their bottom line.