Using Biologicals in Your Farming Practice

Mar 16, 2023
Article Provided By: Brandon Schrag
Farmers spend a great deal of time and money managing the chemical and fertility side of their operations.  For the most part, the biological side of fertility and soil health often gets overlooked or not thought of at all.  Over the last few years, more and more producers have started looking at biologicals on their operation and implementing them into their farming practices. 
On those operations, we are seeing:
  • Increased fertilizer efficiencies
  • Improved soil health
  • And most importantly increased yields
Over the last five years, we have partnered with N-TEXX to provide an industry-leading biological lineup for our customers.  The N-TEXX lineup of products has shown consistent reliable results across our footprint and put more money back into the pockets of our customers by:
  • giving the producer the ability to improve availability of fertilizers applied to the field.
  • increase water infiltration and improve overall soil health.
In addition, there are nutrients in the soil that were not used in previous years because they were either tied up or inaccessible. By using biologicals, you are making more of those nutrients available to the plant.
The N-TEXX lineup consists of:
  • EDGE is best used before or at planting with a starter fertilizer or pre-emergence herbicide application.
  • SI is best used as a foliar application. Whether it is added to the last application for wheat or V4-V6 on corn, it is best used at the early stage when a producer is making applications for weed control.  
  • WASTEAWAY is for the non-growing season (post-harvest) to help break down residue and return its nutrients back to the soil.  Fields that have received manure applications are also a great candidate for WASTEAWAY to assist in the breakdown of the nutrients in the manure making them available to the plant.
The lineup of N-TEXX products is intended to be incorporated into other passes made on the farm, so it’s efficient and cost-effective.
Please reach out to your Strategic Account Manager with any questions regarding the N-TEXX lineup and how they can be best used on your operation to help you achieve your goals.