Protect Your Yield Potential

Mar 16, 2023
Article Supplied by: Koch Agronomic Services
Help maximize your nitrogen investment by protecting your side-dress and top-dress applications with nitrogen stabilizer. Whether your fertilizer program includes pre- or post-emergence applications of urea or UAN, all programs can be susceptible to nitrogen loss through ammonia volatilization.
University research studies have shown that up to 40% of urea-based fertilizers can be lost to ammonia volatilization. Ammonia volatilization occurs when urea or UAN are not adequately incorporated, meaning that they don’t get enough rain or irrigation – between a half inch to an inch – or deep mechanical incorporation more than two inches deep, to minimize loss.
Protects yield potential and return on investment
When there isn’t enough nitrogen available for crops, it means lost yield. AGROTAIN stabilizer contains the most research-proven urease inhibitor technology to protect urea and UAN from volatilization, which in turn, protects your nitrogen investment and yield potential.
Allows for greater application flexibility
AGROTAIN stabilizer provides growers the flexibility to pre- or post-apply urea-based nitrogen, and the confidence to know their nitrogen investment is protected from volatilization, even when surface applied.  

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