When is the right time to start mineral?

Mar 20, 2024
With today’s cost of inputs in agronomy, feed, fuel, and equipment, we are all trying to be more efficient with our dollars. So why feed mineral year-round, or even at all?

Minerals can impact various factors throughout the year, including breeding, calving, summer pastures, and weaning. During these different stages of our cattle productions, we need to offer the basics to build good cattle and make efficient beef. If we can offer the basics for the mom when gestating to develop a good calf to start the building blocks for optimal growth and efficiency. To have out the basics, an option of Wind and Rain All Season 7.5% Mineral for all stages during the year, before and during breeding/calving. A better option is the Wind and Rain All Season 7.5% Availa 4 mineral.

Mineral supplements are not just for cows; they are equally important for bulls. Bulls in good condition are crucial for successful calf production, which directly impacts your profits. During the breeding season and 60 days prior, bulls have special nutritional needs. They require Zinc, Manganese, and vitamin E to maintain sperm quality and vitality. The Availa 4 product, whether in the form of loose mineral in a Wind and Rain 7.5% All Season with Availa 4, or a tub like the Wind and Rain 4% Availa 4 product, is the best way to meet these needs. Bulls like to beat things up, so the tub is the recommended product. Preparing the bulls with these supplements before the breeding season can help ensure their performance. 

When we can put the two main players together with the correct basics and building blocks to make a strong product, we know that not only will we get a product that is started off correctly, but we will be able to market a better product when taking them to sales. As stewards of the land and livestock, we should take pride in providing the best-produced product for those consumers. Offering a specialized and focused mineral program to your herd will only strengthen and narrow your consistency and efficiency. Reach out to any local MKC location to help get your strategy set for the upcoming seasons.

Article provided by Katelin Hendricks, Scale/Counter Specialist.