Post Wheat Harvest Options

Jun 18, 2024

As wheat harvest progresses across the area, growers are left deciding what to do with wheat stubble acres. Many farmers choose to plant double-crop soybeans or cover crops. These popular options have many benefits and can add value to your operation this year and next. 

Double-crop soybeans present a cash crop opportunity. The additional income eases the financial strain of weed control and provides added cash flow. Depending on your county in Kansas, you may be eligible for crop insurance.  

Cover crops are an excellent choice to prevent erosion, retain moisture, or rejuvenate the soil. They offer substantial ground coverage, enhancing moisture retention for the following year's crop. Many producers opt for a burndown before seeding, effectively reducing weed growth throughout the summer. Cover crops additionally improve rain infiltration and support soil structure. 

Cover crops can also offer substantial benefits to livestock operations. They serve as an excellent source of forage and allow grazing to continue late into the summer and early fall. This extended grazing window enables livestock to feed before other cereal grains, like hybrid rye, rye, or triticale, are planted. 

Whether you opt for double-crop soybeans or cover crops, MKC has you covered. We offer a robust supply of Enlist and Extend Flex double-crop soybeans and are prepared to assist you in choosing the ideal cover crop for your needs. Contact your Strategic Account Manager or nearest location today to learn more about MKC offerings.

Article provided by Dusty Krehbiel, Director of Seed