Q&A with Intern Cameron Cox

Jun 10, 2021
Name: Cameron CoxCC-Blog-Design-(2).png
Title: Sales Intern
MKC Location: Benton, Kansas
Hometown: Hesston, Kansas
Education: Sophomore at Kansas State University, majoring in marketing and strategic sales
Why did you choose to pursue an internship with MKC/TMA?
I chose to pursue an internship with MKC to gain hands-on experience in the agriculture industry after watching my grandpa farm his entire life. MKC is a prominent company with a respectable reputation and the chance to contribute to the brand image was extremely appealing to me. I am also excited about MKC being close to home and allowing me the opportunity to give back to my community.
What does a day in your life look like this summer?
As a sales intern, a day in my life consists of researching various crops, fertilizers and seeds or traveling with my mentor, Mike Zacharias. We travel to meet with customers, find out their needs and determine what MKC can do to help them in their operation. I’ve had the opportunity to drive across counties in Kansas. I also often pick up seed and fertilizer for customers depending on our location for the day.
What has been the most exciting part of your internship?
The most exciting part of my internship experience is that each day is different than the last. I am constantly on the move, traveling to different places and meeting new faces. It is rewarding to be able to talk with farmers as they are each unique in their way of life and farming. I love the variety of farmers I get to speak with, as I often talk with growers from various demographics and experiences. It is also a blast to spend time with other MKC interns when we attend meetings and other activities.
What motivates you most about getting up to start a new day as an intern?
What motivates me to start a new day as a sales intern is knowing that the day ahead of me will be an adventure. I’m excited to wake up each morning and prepare myself for my future as the things I experience that day will improve my skills and prepare me for a career post-college. I do not mind not knowing the exact location I will be for the entire day as I often end up visiting five or more different towns in a day. I love talking and interacting with people, so I am always excited to have conversations with new people. Drinking an energy drink also does the trick to get me motivated to start a new day!
What about your internship has been the most surprising to you?
I was most surprised to find out that the agricultural world is way more complex and advanced than I previously believed. Coming into this internship, I had a general knowledge and background in the agriculture industry, but after three weeks, I realized there is so much more to learn. Some of the concepts I have gained knowledge in so far are robots in fields gaging water control, satellite graphs that control yield percentage and fertilizer health. I have just scratched the surface in understanding the impact technology has on the future of agriculture and am excited to continue to learn throughout the rest of my internship!
A song you play on repeat?
Had Me By Halftime – Morgan Wallen