Q&A with Intern Caleb Saville

Jun 21, 2021
Name: Caleb SavilleCS-Blog-Design.png
Title: Operations Intern
MKC Location: Canton Terminal
Hometown: Phillipsburg, KS
Education: Will be a senior at Kansas State University majoring in agricultural economics with a minor in agronomy
Why did you choose to pursue an internship with MKC/TMA?
I became interested in an internship with MKC after a family member became employed with MKC. When I learned about the intern opportunity with the company, I knew it would be an awesome experience to gain more knowledge.
What does a day in your life look like this summer?
There is never a dull moment at the Canton Terminal. I fill lots of roles ranging from loading trains, housekeeping, grading grain, dumping trucks, running bunkers, cleaning bins, fixing machinery belts and pullies or even checking hazmon. The managers try to plan our workdays in advance and most days include any or all of these tasks.
What has been the most exciting part of your internship?
My favorite part of my internship is by far the trains as a whole! There is always something going on whether it’s loading the train or watching the bottoms for leaks. There is never a dull moment. But honestly, I’d say the best part about it is the co-worker relationships built through the experience. Each employee works together to our jobs done efficiently, resulting in a close-knit team.
What motivates you most about getting up to start a new day as an intern?
Three alarms is what it takes to get me out of bed but after a muffin and an energy drink I’m awake and ready for the day! I love doing what I do! There are days where I know the work is going to be tough and draining but ultimately, I love waking up and going to work each morning!
When did you realize you were interested in the career path you’re in?
I realized last summer at Canton I wanted to pursue this career. I wasn’t an intern but Ethan, my current MKC mentor, acted as if I was and taught me so much about cooperatives. He made working last summer fun and educational every day! During harvest last year, I really grew to understand and love this job and it was because of Ethan’s help and guidance.
One thing you can’t leave the house without in the morning and why?
My plyers! They are one of the most important tools I have found to work efficiently on terminal grounds. I use them daily and if I ever forgot them, I have no idea how I would get through the day!