Spray Drone Application Service

Jul 09, 2024
With the wonderful wet weather we have been receiving this year, spray drone use has significantly increased, providing several timely applications that otherwise could not be achieved with a ground rig due to the wet soil. As corn and soybean fungicide and insecticide season quickly approaches, it is vitally important to protect your crop from unwanted pests, and using spray drones is a fantastic way to apply these. 

Spray drones are excellent for testing new products in field trials to assess ROI before making a significant investment in a larger portion of your acres. It's essential to plan ahead and secure your acres soon to ensure the customer experience meets your expectations. Our capacity to service a large volume of acres in a short period is limited.

Please see below for price options for next year. Fall is a great time to think about pasture applications for certain species. Reach out today, and we will help you create a plan for success. Please note that the premium price on pasture land accounts for the additional prep, manual flying, time, and risk compared to cropland. 

To learn more or to sign up for 2024 acres, please contact your Strategic Account Manager at your nearest MKC location. You can also reach out to our Ag Technology Manager, Ross Benisch, at 620-386-4139 or rbenisch@mkcoop.com.

MKC 2024 Drone Services Price List.pdf
Corteva Range Pasture Brush Control Timing Chart.pdf

Article provided by Ross Benisch, Ag Technology Manager