Q&A with Intern Amelia Moran

Jul 08, 2021
Name: Amelia MoranAmelia-Moran-Blog-Design-(1).png
Title: Central Dispatch Operations Intern
MKC Location: Groveland, KS
Hometown: Farmington, MO
Education: Will be a senior at Missouri State University studying crop science
Why did you choose to pursue an internship with MKC/TMA?
I chose to pursue an internship after speaking to MKC representatives and being impressed while researching the company. MKC has created a great mentor program alongside the internship program and welcomes an open line of communication regarding what a student wants to experience which is so important! There is also a lot of attention on ensuring the internship is interesting and impactful for whoever takes the position. Production agriculture is huge in this region and has a lot to offer those of us who are eager to learn.
What does a day in your life look like this summer?
There’s a great amount of variability in my day to day but most of the time I am helping in the dispatch office. Joshua Peterson, IT intern, and I have been working together on a few different programs to help keep things organized differently for dispatch. Other times, I get to look at fields and inspect crops with my mentor. I’ve been able to travel to various MKC facilities to see how they operate and sometimes shadow a different department. Each day brings something different and exciting to experience.
What has been the most exciting part of your internship?
It’s been exciting to see what Kansas production ag is like compared Missouri agriculture, but I think the most exciting part for me is getting to see new operations, meet new people and learn how they do their job. Getting those new experiences is what makes this summer extremely rewarding.
What motivates you most about getting up to start a new day as an intern?
I enjoy putting book knowledge from school to the test in my internship. I also enjoy learning practical skills as they are often challenging but impactful. I would rather learn through a hands-on experience than through a book any day of the week. Even if it’s a small role, I enjoy being productive and helping get things done. It makes me even more excited to graduate and start my career.
How did you realize you were interested in the major you’re in?
I grew up around agriculture but in high school I joined FFA which provided me with many amazing opportunities and experiences. I learned a lot and my time in FFA truly cultivated my passion for agriculture. Between those experiences, growing up working cattle and putting up hay, I felt drawn to pursuing a career in the agricultural industry. Agriculture, in general, is hard work but also comes with some of the most reward.
One thing you can’t leave the house without in the morning and why?
Coffee. Caffeine is a magical thing. If you see me before 10 a.m. there will be coffee, no doubt about it.