MKC Annual Ag Symposium Recap

Jan 03, 2022
While the agricultural industry continues to navigate the uncharted, MKC is committed to bringing valuable information to our member-owners, employees and sponsors. One way we continue to deliver the latest news and information is by hosting the annual Ag Symposium. 

This one-day event allowed for attendees to hear from industry experts who spoke on policy in Washington, disruptive market forces and carbon emissions. Held on December 16, over 100 member-owners, partners andsocial_image2.jpg employees came together to learn of opportunities and challenges within the industry. 

The first Ag Symposium speaker was past-event favorite and familiar face, Jim Wiesemeyer. Wiesemeyer has joined us as a live presenter for over 10 years at various meetings and conferences held by MKC. From his office near Washington, DC, Jim Wiesemeyer contributes daily to Pro Farmer’s online website at, providing farmers with the latest information on agricultural policy and trade developments. He is also a participant in Farm Journal Agri-Talk radio program, has his weekly farm Journal Podcast each Friday called Signal to Noise, and serves as a Washington analyst for Pro Farmer and Farm Journal.

Wiesemyer spoke about the latest information on agricultural policy. He discussed inflation, supply chain issues, labor and the effect it has on farmers today. His presentation concluded with an explanation of farm policies from Washington and a future outlook on agriculture. After his initial presentation, Wiesemeyer answered questions from the audience about the future of Washington.

social_image3-(1).jpgThe second Ag Symposium speaker was Kenneth Scott Zuckerberg, who joined the event virtually. Zuckerberg serves as the lead industry analyst and research strategist, covering grains, farm inputs and biofuels, in CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange research division. Zuckerberg is well-known throughout the financial community as a subject matter expert in agriculture, finance and innovation. 

Zuckerberg provided attendees with economic and additional trends driving agriculture in the U.S. He discussed details on the top 10 trends that will drive agriculture in future. Zuckerberg also discussed unforeseen risks that producers are facing today along with key takeaways to navigate the circumstances moving forward. In addition to his presentation, Zuckerberg answered participant’s questions about the future of agriculture. 

Our last speaker of the day was Jason Weller. Weller joined Land O’ Lakes, Inc., in 2017 where he serves as the Vice President of Truterra, leading the team that is generating conservation solutions for the farmer cooperative’s member-owners. social_image4.jpg

Weller joined us to discuss the effect of carbon emissions. He spoke on the importance of reducing carbon emissions and bringing carbon content from the air back into the soil. This provided the opportunity for farmers to get involved in the carbon market today. 

Ag Symposium was a successful event that brought awareness to the effects of operating through a pandemic. It provided an opportunity for producers to not only see circumstances in the light of a loss, but to navigate the unforeseen and come out successful.