A Talk on N-TEXX Biologics with John Niemann

Feb 11, 2022
Q: With fertilizer prices at an all time high, how does N-TEXX products add value to a producer?
Our goal is to be as efficient and prudent with our producers as possible. N-TEXX adds microbials to an operation, giving the producer the ability to improve nutrient uptake and efficiency as well as a return on investment. In addition, there are nutrients in the soil that were not used in previous years because they were either tied up or inaccessible. By adding microbes, there is potential to make those nutrients more available to the plant.

Q: Where does N-TEXX Edge, SI and Waste Away fit into an operation?social_image_website-(3).jpg
Edge is best used at planting time with a starter fertilizer or pre-emergence. Whereas, SI is best used as a foliar application. Whether it be added to the last application for wheat or V4-V6 on corn, it is best used at the early stage when a producer is making applications for weed control.  Lastly, WasteAway is for the non-growing season (post-harvest) through pre-plant as a way to improve the tilt and filtration of the soil. This is done by reducing compaction and breaking down the cover materials to incorporate more in the soil. The lineup of our
N-TEXX products is intended to be incorporated into other passes made on the farm, so it’s efficient and more cost effective.

Q: What is the price point of each product?
Edge is priced at $42/gal
SI is priced at $40/gal
WasteAway is priced at $40/gal
Application rates are: one quart per acre on dryland and two quarts total per acre on irrigated or regions with higher rainfall. For remediation of waste or severe soil challenges, the rates of Waste Away could be higher. Contact your MKC representative if you believe your goals require higher application rates.

Q: What success have you found using N-TEXX in the state of Kansas?
One example is a Kansas grower who purchased ground in 2012 with a wheat base of 33 bushels an acre. Since purchased, it has been converted to no-till, grazed by cattle, and improved rotations. For every crop planted biologics at a rate of one to two quarts an acre was included. This resulted in a current wheat base of 52 bushels through regenerative ag practices including biologics.
With the use of N-TEXX products, there is potential to get an annual yield improvement at 5-7% with consistently applying or incorporating biologics to your best soil health practices on your operation.

For more information about N-TEXX, contact your nearest location or strategic account manager.