MKC Spring Mineral Sale

Feb 12, 2021
mineral-promotion-blog.jpgThe fuel gauge quickly tells you when your truck needs more gas to keep running, but it’s not that simple to gauge your cow’s nutritional needs. How do you know if your cattle mineral program is helping your cows be productive?
Learn more about cattle mineral needs by watching the playback of MKC’s Spring Mineral Meetings! The MKC team hosted livestock nutrition experts for a virtual meeting on February 18 at noon and 6 p.m. Both event times featured Sarah Leonhard, Purina sales manager, and Brian Hupp, Central Life Sciences regional manager.
View the mineral meeting here:
The meetings kicked-off MKC’s spring mineral promotion, where producers can save up to $70 per ton on qualifying mineral until April 16, 2021. Attendees of the virtual meetings on February 18 received an additional $10 off their spring mineral purchase. 
Qualifying mineral includes:
  • MKC 8% Cattle Mineral
  • MKC 8% Availa 4 Cattle Mineral*
  • MKC 8% IGR Cattle Mineral
  • MKC 8% 5600 Cattle Mineral*
  • Purina® Wind and Rain® All Season 7.5%
  • Purina® Wind and Rain® All Season 7.5% Availa 4
  • Purina® Wind and Rain® All Season 7.5% Medicated (VFD REQUIRED)
  • Purina® Wind and Rain® IGR
  • Purina® Wind and Rain® High Magnesium 4%
For more information on MKC’s spring mineral promotion or other cattle nutrition offerings, contact your feed specialist or nearest MKC location.
View MKC Feed Specialist Zoe Woolsoncroft’s Fast Feed Report on cattle mineral here.

*Mineral marked with an asterisk are custom mixed and require a one ton minimum.