Tune in to Plant Health Benefits

Apr 30, 2022

When growing wheat, disease mangement is key to producing high yields. Across the region, ag professionals and farmers alike are seeing fungicides resulting in higher yields, even in the absence of disease due to fungicides. Although high yields are the desired end result of applying fungicides, there are more benefits to consider. 

1. Growth Efficiencyblog-images.jpg
  • Nitrogen fertilizers is a major production tool for crops. Applying a fungicide allows ofr better use of N fertilizers
  • The use of fungicides could mean more efficient photosynthesis, which can increase your growth efficiency.
2. Disease Control
  • An obvious benefit of applying fungicide is the excellent control of leaf diseases. 
  • Fungicides can be used as a preventative measure, allowing in the uptake in tolerance of bacterial and viral infections
  • Fungicides play a key role in the suppression of Head Scab
3. Stress Mitigation
  • Fungicides work protect against drought, heat stress, frost, etc. by mitigating water loss.

If you think applying a fungicide is right for your operation, contact your nearest strategic account manager or MKC location for more information.