Poultry Feed

Optimum Nutrition For A Healthy Flock

Whether you manage a large-scale poultry farm or a small coop in your backyard, MKC offers a complete line of quality feed for your poultry operation. Our goal is to help you produce healthy chicks that will hatch tough, quality eggs. Our feed specialists consider digestive health, immune function and nutritional requirements when choosing a product tailored to your flock. Contact one of our feed specialists to learn more!

What We Carry

Purina Flock Raiser
Great for all birds, including ducks from chicks to full age
Home Grown Layer16% Granular
Layer complete; can be fed to ducks
Home Grown Layer 16% Pellet
Layer complete; can be fed to ducks
Home Grown Starter/Grower 23% AMP
Additional protein to meet requirements of meat chicks; not for ducks
MKC 16% Egg Ration
Our own custom mixed ration using concentrate
Home Grown 36% MP Poultry Supplement
Concentrate to mix in a full ration
Special Scratch Grain
Used as a treat for chickens to supplement their complete feed
Oyster Shell
Helps with shell strength


What to Look for in a Starter-Grower Feed

Greatness starts on day one. Baby chicks require 38 unique nutrients to start strong and grow into happy, healthy hens. Each of these nutrients play a unique role in chick growth and development. Some nutrients directly impact bone, skeletal and chick growth while others work in tandem to support bird health and appearance. 

What to Look for in a Layer Feed

When birds start laying eggs around week 18-20, their nutritional requirements change. Most importantly, they need more calcium to make eggshells. Each eggshell includes two grams of calcium. To make the shell, each hen needs four grams of calcium per day - slowly broken down over a 24-hour period.

Flock Raiser Crumbles

Purina's premium flock raiser crumbles provide optimum nutrition for strong starts and a healthy mixed flock. This informative sheet includes an overview of Purina's Premium Poultry Nutrition, feeding directions and guaranteed analysis.

Home Grown Layer Pellets and Crumbles

Purina Home Grown Layer Pellets and Crumbles are a value option to provide the nutrients hens need to stay happy and healthy. This feed is recommended for laying hens 18 weeks and older to support hen health and consistent egg production. 

Home Grown Meat Bird Starter/Grower

Home Grown Meat Bird Starter/Grower 23% AMP .0175% is a versatile complete feed suitable for growing broiler type chickens, capon, and roasters. It is also a great complete feed for turkeys beyond eight weeks of age. This product can be followed by Home Grown 20% Starter/Grower in an efficient feeding program.

Purina Poultry Coloring Pages

A fun activity for all ages!