Quality Nutrition For Peak Performance

MKC offers a variety of quality feed formulated to provide targeted nutrition for every age and activity level. Whether you have a high-level performance horse or an easy keeper on pasture, our goal is to help your horse look, feel and perform at its best. Our feed specialists consider activity level, available forage and individual health needs when choosing a product tailored to your horse. Contact a MKC feed specialist to learn more!

What We Carry

Purina Amplify Horse Supplement
Formulated for horses that need extra calories from fat
Purina Apple and Oat Horse Treat
A perfect nutritional complement to any horse feed
Purina Enrich Plus
Nutrient dense feed for all horses four months of age and over
Purina Equine Senior
Designed specifically for the needs of the older horse
Purina Free Balance 12:12
Vitamin and mineral supplement to balance a pasture only diet
Purina Impact Professional
Mare and Foal

Formulated for broodmares and foals
Purina Impact Professional Performance
Contains Outlast gastric support for working  horses
Purina Impact Professional Senior
Nutrients specifically meet the needs of the aging horse
Purina Omolene 100
For mature horses that enjoy an average amount of pleasure riding or light work
Purina Omolene 200
Ideal for competitive and performance horses
Purina Omolene 300
Formulated for foals and lactating broodmares being fed with their foals
Purina Omolene 500
Meets the high energy demands of hard working and endurance equine athletes
Purina Outlast Gastric Support Supplement
Supports gastric health and proper pH in equine of all ages
Purina Strategy GX
Nutritionally balanced formula for any life stage
Purina Strategy Healthy Edge
For feeding of maintenance, performance and senior horses 
Purina SuperSport Amino Acid Supplement
Recommended for top equine athletes of all ages in all disciplines
Purina Ultium Competition
Meets the high energy demands of hard-working equine athletes
Purina Ultium Gastric Care
Provides gastric comfort during the stress of competition
Purina Ultium Growth
Supports steady and consistent growth and development
Purina WellSolve L/S
Formulated for horses that may benefit from a diet low in starch and sugars
Country Acres 12% Horse Feed
Supplemental feed for horses on hay or pasture
Equine Merit Horse Balancer
Horse concentrate for mixing with grain
HorsLic Tubs
Free choice protein for horses on pasture
MaxE Glo Rice Bran Horse Supplement
Provides natural Vitamin E and other antioxidants
MKC 12% Horse Feed
Used as a supplemental feed to hay or pasture
MKC 14% Horse Feed
Used as a supplemental feed to hay or pasture
Purina® EquiTub™ with ClariFly®
Easy-to-feed, self-fed supplement for consistent nutrition and seasonal fly control


Purina Amplify High-Fat Supplement

Purina Amplify Supplement is a high-fat, controlled-starch extruded nutritional supplement. When extra calories are needed to maintain body condition, Purina Amplify Supplement can be added to the horse's daily ration to provide multiple benefits.

Purina Equine Supplements

Purina supplements are formulated to provide targeted nutrition for a range of needs, from added fat for extra bloom on the performance horse to a well-balanced vitamin and mineral for the easy keeper on pasture. See how these supplements, made with unique, research-backed blends of ingredients, keep your horse performing their best. 

Purina Free Balance 12:12 Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

For horses who are not receiving a balanced concentrate feed, the highly palatable Purina Free Balance 12:12 Vitamin and Mineral Supplement provides the added vitamins and minerals needed to balance a pasture or hay-only diet.

Purina Outlast Gastric Support Supplement

It is estimated that up to 90% of active horses experience gastric discomfort, affecting health, attitude, and performance. Support your horse's gastric health and comfort by adding Outlast supplement to your feeding program. 

Purina SuperSport Amino Acid Supplement

Scientifically formulated and demonstrated in published research to support recovery, performance and muscle mass. 

Purina WellSolve L/S

WellSolve L/S horse feed offers a simpler, more streamlined dietary option for veterinarians and horse owners who are caring for special needs horses that may benefit from a low starch and sugar diet.