Quality Nutrition For Peak Performance

MKC offers a variety of quality feed formulated to provide targeted nutrition for every age and activity level. Whether you have a high-level performance horse or an easy keeper on pasture, our goal is to help your horse look, feel and perform at its best. Our feed specialists consider activity level, available forage and individual health needs when choosing a product tailored to your horse. Contact an MKC feed specialist to learn more!

What We Carry



Purina Impact Professional
Mare and Foal

Formulated for broodmares and foals


Purina Omolene 300

Formulated for foals and lactating broodmares being fed with their foals


Purina Ultium Growth

Supports steady and consistent growth and development

Light Work/Maintenance


Purina Enrich Plus

Nutrient dense feed for all horses four months of age and over


Purina Omolene 100

For mature horses that enjoy an average amount of pleasure riding or light work


Purina Strategy Healthy Edge

For feeding of maintenance, performance and senior horses 


Purina WellSolve L/S

Formulated for horses that may benefit from a diet low in starch and sugars


Country Acres 12% Horse Feed

Supplemental feed for horses on hay or pasture


MKC 12% Horse Feed

Used as a supplemental feed to hay or pasture


MKC 14% Horse Feed

Used as a supplemental feed to hay or pasture


Purina® EquiTub™ with ClariFly®

Easy-to-feed, self-fed supplement for consistent nutrition and seasonal fly control



Purina Impact Professional Performance

Contains Outlast gastric support for working  horses


Purina Omolene 200

Ideal for competitive and performance horses


Purina Omolene 500

Meets the high energy demands of hard working and endurance equine athletes


Purina Strategy GX

Nutritionally balanced formula for any life stage


Purina Ultium Competition

Meets the high energy demands of hard-working equine athletes


Purina Ultium Gastric Care

Provides gastric comfort during the stress of competition



Purina Equine Senior

Designed specifically for the needs of the older horse


Purina Impact Professional Senior

Nutrients specifically meet the needs of the aging horse



Purina Amplify Horse Supplement

Formulated for horses that need extra calories from fat


Purina Free Balance 12:12

Vitamin and mineral supplement to balance a pasture only diet


Purina Outlast Gastric Support Supplement

Supports gastric health and proper pH in equine of all ages


Purina SuperSport Amino Acid Supplement

Recommended for top equine athletes of all ages in all disciplines


Equine Merit Horse Balancer

Horse concentrate for mixing with grain


MaxE Glo Rice Bran Horse Supplement

Provides natural Vitamin E and other antioxidants



Purina Apple and Oat Horse Treat

A perfect nutritional complement to any horse feed

MKC Fast Feed Report

MKC Fast Feed Report | Purina® EquiTubs™

Purina's new Equi-tub is a great product for any horse owner and consists of three main additives: Outlast, Amplify and ClariFly. Learn more about the new Purina Equi-tub with Feed Sales Specialist Zoe Woolsoncroft.

Additional Resources


Five Tips to Maintain ideal body condition in performance horses

A shiny hair coat, strong muscle tone, sound hooves and ideal body condition reflect a robust, healthy horse that is ready to work. Health and nutrition are vital in helping performance horses consistently be at the top of their game, especially in events requiring repeated runs in a single day or working hard several days in a row. 


Six common horse feed additives

As a horse owner, everywhere you turn, there seems to be a new supplement, feed or feed additive accompanied by claims providing a variety of extraordinary benefits for your horse. With so many options, it can be challenging to tell which claims are based in real science and which are simply sales pitches.


how nutrition affects hoof growth

You've probably heard the phrase, "No hoof. No horse." Hoof quality is affected by several factors including genetics, environment and nutrition. Some horses inherit weak hooves, and that can’t be changed. But proper care and nutrition can help a horse develop and maintain the best hooves genetically possible.


Gastric Health: The Key to your horse's best self

Did you know that the prevalence of gastric discomfort in active horses is high? Studies indicate that the prevalence of gastric ulcers in performance horses is 90% or more. Gastric discomfort may negatively affect a horse’s health, attitude and performance. Fortunately, recognizing signs of discomfort and providing proper management can help support your horse’s gastric health.


pasture management for horses

Green grass can be a great addition to a horse’s health, both mentally and physically. Horses love the taste of green grass and it can be very nutritious during the right stages of maturity, not to mention the joys of being out in a pasture relaxing and being a horse. However, spring grass can bring some risks. Be aware and follow the Spring Checklist for a safe and healthy spring.


six signs of good quality horse hay

Forage makes up 50-90% or more of a horse's diet. Much of the forage part of the diet comes in the form of hay. Because it’s such a big part of the ration, a good quality hay can help keep a horse healthy, while a poor quality hay can be detrimental. This is why, as nutritionists and horse owners, we put a big emphasis on the quality of hay we feed.