Precision Ag

Precision Ag Services

Utilizing the latest technology, the MKC Optimal Acre program optimizes input efficiency and bushels per acre for your operation, lowering the cost per unit of production. MKC has equipment and services to enhance your farming operation by variable rate applying fertilizer, lime, seed and irrigation water.


Producing the Optimal Yield on Every Acre

The more you know about your fields, the better chance you have of increasing your profit margin. MKC's precision ag program, Optimal Acre, includes satellite and spectral imagery that provides base field mapping, site specific soil sampling, GPS grid soil sampling, and yield data analysis. Veris Mobile Sensor Platform, VRT prescriptions and other precision ag services are also available.


Real-Time Irrigation Decisions Made Easy

Set yourself up for the best possible yield by controlling what you can instead of leaving it up to nature. AquaSpy's multi-sensor probe provides real-time analysis of soil moisture, nutrient movement, and soil temperature every 4" through a 48" profile.


Data Management

Data management services, like yield data analysis, provide a true check of this year’s inputs to help make the best decision for next year using revenue per field and revenue by zone reports.

We can produce a profit/loss report for not only the field but for each zone in the field to accurately determine your return on investment.  The more data we have, the more elements we can compare to better fine tune your operation.

No longer are we just producing pretty, colorful maps but using your data to make yield proven decisions on your operation. 

Precison Ag Team


Precision Impact Award

AgPro magazine named MKC the 2017 Precision Impact Award recipient. Our program is built on the 4R philosophy; lowering the barrier of entry for farmers all while helping them realize maximum yields and profitability through our Optimal Acre Program.

We are proud to help farmers who choose to work with us in precision ag to help make their operation as successful as possible. Great job to all of our staff who work with precision agriculture each and every day for the benefit of our customers.