Specialty Feeds

Specialized Nutrition for your Stock

Be confident that you're providing a complete and healthy diet for your animals with specialty feeds from MKC. We partner with Purina® and Mazuri® Exotic Animal Nutrition to bring you premium nutrition that is specially formulated to meet the specific dietary needs of each animal. Contact our feed specialists to learn more! 

What We Offer



Purina® Game Fish Chow
Formulated for pond fish, such as Bluegill, Catfish, Minnows, Bass and Carp



Mazuri® Alpaca Complete Life
Nutrient-dense formula to support the complete life of alpacas


Mazuri® Alpaca Performance
Formulated for optimal nutrition for growing, gestating, lactating and fiber-producing alpacas


Mazuri® Reptile Diets
Designed for crocodiles, turtles, tortoises and lizards in all life stages


Mazuri® Guinea Pig Diet
Timothy-based guinea pig diet designed for all life stages


Country Acres Rabbit Feed
Complete feed for rabbits of all life stages


Mazuri® Rodent Breeder 6F
Designed for breeding rats and mice in breeding colonies


Mazuri® Rodent
Formulated for all life stages of rats and mice



Purina® Game Bird Chow Startena®
Complete feed for starting turkeys, pheasants, quails, chukars and other game birds


Primos Hunting Quick Draw® Deer Block
Deer attractant; year-round supplement to native habitat


Purina® Antler Max Bag
For all life stages of deer and elk


Purina® Antler Max Block
For all life stages of deer and elk

MKC Fast Feed Reports

MKC Fast Feed Report | Mazuri® Exotic Animal Nutrition

Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition is a world leader in quality nutrition for virtually every living exotic animal. Learn more about the Mazuri products MKC offers with Feed Sales Specialist Zoe Woolsoncroft.

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