Pet Nutrition

Offering A Complete Line of Nutrition For Companion Animals

Dogs and cats are man's best friend. At MKC, we offer a premium line of nutrition to ensure we show them the same love internally that we do externally. Exclusive® pet foods have been developed and proven through extensive research and have the quality ingredients and nutritional value you demand in premium pet food at an affordable price.

All three brands of Exclusive® (Exclusive Signature®, Red Flannel® and Infinia®) promote a healthy digestive system, healthy joints, energy and are highly digestible with a great taste for your pet. Contact one of our feed specialists to learn more!

What We Offer

Dog Food


Exclusive® Adult Dog

Chicken and brown rice formula for a normally active dog


Exclusive® Large Breed Adult Dog

Supports large breed adult dogs with a chicken and brown rice formula


Exclusive® Healthy Weight Adult Dog

Formulated with 31% less fat than the Exclusive® Adult Dog food


Exclusive® All Life Stages Dog

Designed for dogs of all life stages with a lamb and brown rice formula


Exclusive® Performance 30/20

Formulated with 30% protein and 20% fat for high performing dogs


Exclusive® Senior Dog Food

Supports dog further along in years with optimal fat and protein levels


Exclusive® Puppy

For small and medium breed puppies up to one year old


Exclusive® Large Breed Puppy

Formulated for large puppy breeds to support growth and development


Red Flannel® Adult Dog

Optimal protein-to-fat ration helps normally active dogs maintain lifelong health


Red Flannel® Prime Dog

Formulated to provide prolonged energy for hardworking dogs


Red Flannel® Hi Protein

Designed for active dogs that prefer a higher protein formula


Red Flannel® Canine Select

Specifically formulated as an affordable diet for all breeds of adult dogs


Red Flannel® Large Breed

Designed to address the unique needs of large breed adult dogs


Red Flannel® Puppy

Formulated to meet the special needs of growing puppies

Cat Food


Exclusive® All Life Stages Cat

Chicken and brown rice formula for normally active adult cats or growing kittens


Exclusive® Weight Management and Hairball Care

Supports adult cats that have issues with hairball occurrences and weight management


Red Flannel® Cat

Supports lifelong health for cats of all ages


Country Acres Cat Food

Formulated for all ages of cats

MKC Fast Feed Report

MKC Fast Feed Report | Pet Food

Purina's line of Exclusive® pet food products provide top nutrition for maximum health. Learn more about MKC's pet nutrition offerings with feed specialist Zoe Woolsoncroft.


Additional Resources


Pet Obesity

Do you know how many calories are in your dog's favorite treat? Understanding how many excess calories you're feeding your pet in treats can impact their health. In the United States, the prevalence of obesity among dogs and cats ranges from 25-50% and lead to a range of health problems. 


Oral Health in Cats and Dogs

Does your dog or cat have breath that makes you take a step back? Do you notice your dog or cat has discolored or loose teeth? Is your pet having a hard time chewing food? Your pet may have periodontal (gum) disease. Dental disease occurs so frequently that it is one of the most common disease occurring in pet dogs and cats. 


Cold Weather Tips for Dogs

As the thermometer drops below freezing, you prepare appropriately for your daily walk. But how does your dog feel as you open the door and step outside into icy weather? Will that fur be enough protection to keep him warm and happy? Or are there things we should consider to make the winter more fun and comfortable.


Preparing for a New Puppy

Deciding to add a new four-legged family member to your home can be a very exciting time. Taking steps to prepare for the homecoming day will allow for a smooth transition for you and your new puppy. 

Learn more about each brand


Red Flannel®

In most of the formulas in the Red Flannel® line, the predominant source of protein is chicken in the form of chicken by-product meal. Both omega 3 & 6 fatty acids are added to many of the formulas. Glucosamine for joint health is added naturally to selected formulas. 

All Red Flannel pet food formulas are naturally preserved.


Exclusive Signature®

The #1 ingredient in the Exclusive Signature® line is real meat with options including lamb, chicken, turkey or fish. In addition, there is a balance of fruits, vegetables, and wholesome grains.

These lines exclude products such as corn, soy, wheat and artificial flavors and preservatives that can be difficult for your pet to digest.



Infinia® is a holistic (high-quality ingredient) line of dog and cat food with options of turkey and sweet potato, salmon and sweet potato, venison potato and quail, duck and potato and chicken and brown rice.

The Infinia® feeds are special ordered. Contact your nearest MKC location to order.