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At MKC, we believe in protecting nitrogen, a vital plant nutrient, against the three methods of nitrogen loss to ensure you receive a maximum crop yield. Nitrogen stabilizers not only protect against denitrification, leaching and volatilization, but also the investment in nitrogen. Stabilizers help keep nitrogen in its available form longer into the growing season when the plant needs it. We offer two quality nitrogen stabilizers to protect your fields against nitrogen loss:



Protect against all three forms of nitrogen loss, above and below ground, with the unrivaled power of SUPERU® premium fertilizer. With the highest concentration of nitrogen available in a stabilized, urea-based granule, SUPERU® contains urease and nitrification inhibitors to guard crops from denitrification, leaching and volatilization.

The urease and nitrification inhibiting properties of SUPERU® premium fertilizer protect against nitrogen loss - enhancing nitrogen efficiency, boosting yields and reducing calculated cumulative nitrate leaching by 30%. 

Protects Against Nitrogen Loss
SUPERU® guards against all three forms of above and below ground nitrogen loss - volatilization, leaching and denitrification - using urease and nitrification inhibitors. 

Proven Results
Backed by 25 years of research and hundreds of trials, the science behind SUPERU® is shown to enhance nitrogen efficiency and optimize yields. 

Premium Granular
Optimize your yield with the highest concentration of nitrogen available in a stabilized, urea-based granule. 



AGROTAIN® PLUS SC nitrogen stabilizer employs urease enzyme inhibitor technology and a proven nitrification inhibitor to protect fertilizer from all three forms of nitrogen loss. Featuring two modes of action, it can be combined with UAN or liquid manure to defend against ammonia volatilization, denitrification and nitrate leaching. 

On average, AGROTAIN® PLUS SC stabilizer has a yield advantage of 9 bu/acre over untreated UAN. It is designed to deliver the same rate of active ingredients as AGROTAIN PLUS dry additive resulting in similar agronomic performance. 

Protects Yield Potential
AGROTAIN® PLUS SC is proven to defend against all three forms of above- and below-ground nitrogen loss: ammonia volatilization, denitrification and nitrate leaching. 

Rain or Shine
Whether there is too much rain, or too little, AGROTAIN® PLUS SC can protect nitrogen, no matter what Mother Nature brings. 

Use on Manure
AGROTAIN® PLUS SC can be combined with livestock manure for a cost-efficient nutrient solution that is protected from all three forms of nitrogen loss.



Since its introduction, CENTURO® nitrogen stabilizer has helped deliver highly effective performance results and optimized yields. CENTURO has helped growers meet their nutrient management, nitrogen efficiency and yield goals, and has quickly become a proven nitrification inhibitor for anhydrous ammonia and UAN. Its noncorrosive formula is gentle on equipment and continues to be an easy-to-handle solution.

By keeping more nitrogen available for plant uptake, research has shown CENTURO can improve yields. Across a three-year study in Nebraska, Illinois and Missouri, fall-applied CENTURO treated ammonia increased corn yield by an average of 6 bu/acre compared to untreated fall-applied ammonia, and spring-applied CENTURO treated ammonia increased corn yield by an average of 6 bu/acre compared to untreated spring-applied ammonia. 

Ease of Use
With the ability to be added before, during or after the addition of anhydrous ammonia and UAN, and through the use of a side-kick system, CENTURO delivers the flexibility you need to run your operation with maximum efficiency.

Noncorrosive Formula
CENTURO has a noncorrosive formula to the metals used in anhydrous ammonia and UAN equipment, making it easy-to-handle, gentle on equipment and reduces downtime associated with equipment damage.

Flexible Storage Options
CENTURO gives retailers storage options by not requiring stainless steel tanks like other stabilizers. Store CENTURO for up to two years without harming equipment or reducing effectiveness.

Agrotain Advanced


AGROTAIN® Advanced 1.0 is an innovative, patented liquid formulation with optimized cold-weather handling properties and quicker drying time when applied to urea. The proprietary formulation allows for a reduced application rate, minimizing the potential for buildup and allowing retailers to treat faster and store less product.

When there isn't enough nitrogen available for plants during their major growth period, the chance for lost yield increases. AGROTAIN is proven to optimize yields in situations where nitrogen loss is a limiting factor.

Protects Yield Potential
Nitrogen loss due to ammonia volatilization can be up to 40 percent when urea or UAN is not adequately incorporated.* AGROTAIN is proven to control loss from ammonia volatilization. 

Proven Results
AGROTAIN is the most proven urease inhibitor on the market—backed by more than 1,000 trials and over 20 years of real-world results on millions of acres worldwide. 

Cold Weather Protection
Research proves that even at lower temperatures, nitrogen loss is still a risk. AGROTAIN protects against cold weather loss.

Argotain vs. AN
Research shows that urea treated with AGROTAIN gives growers the same yield performance as ammonium nitrate fertilizer, but with fewer regulatory, transportation and storage issues.

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Protect against nitrogen loss and get full yield potential with nitrogen stabilizers. 

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