Optimal Acre Program


What is the Optimal Acre Program? Optimal Acre is an opportunity for everyone to get into precision agriculture and site-specific field management. At the core of Optimal Acre is 2.5-acre grid sampling. The program provides a baseline of what a field or farms are underlying soil fertility is. Once we know the underlying fertility, we can make customized fertility prescriptions to bring the soil fertility to a level best suited for growing crops. Beyond the grid sampling, Optimal Acre provides the ability to do variable rate nitrogen management, variable rate seeding, access to satellite imagery, analysis of yield data and incorporation of yield data into the soil fertility recommendations, making them the most accurate recommendations available.

Why should producers participate in Optimal Acre? Every field has variability in fertility and production. Every crop uses soil nutrients to grow. Over time the combination causes nutrients to be taken out of the soil in different amounts leaving the field with uneven deficiencies in soil fertility. Meaning one part of the field might need a little fertilizer, and another part might need much more, and still, another part might not need any fertility at all. By participating in the Optimal Acre Program, you can address these differences and put the proper amount of fertilizer in the proper part of the field. VRT application maximizes the return on your fertilizer investment and is good for the environment too. This same principle can be applied to seeding and nitrogen management as well. You put the right amount of nutrient or product in the right place.

Are there any requirements to be in Optimal Acre?

  • You do not need any technology on your farm and you do not have to have the ability to collect yield data. If you do have the ability, MKC can help growers utilizae the yield data to make the prescriptions even better.
  • There is not a minimum acreage requirement. However, the more acres you have enrolled, the better you will be able to decide the most critical areas to invest in to increase productivity and profitability.

What is the investment? The Optimal Acre Program was created out of our core belief in “Shared growth. Shared success.” MKC believes every producer can and should benefit from utilizing all or parts of Optimal Acre on their farm immediately. We understand historically it has been very expensive to get into precision agriculture. The Optimal Acre Program has lowered the barrier to entry by spreading the cost of the program out over four years. The cost then is $5 per acre per year for four years.