With a dedication to getting producers back to the field as soon as possible, MKC continues to upgrade speed and space at a number of locations across its footprint. We currently have 34 locations that offer a combined space of more than 30 million bushels and are staffed by people who understand the producer’s needs. Grain merchandising, logistics, accounting and e-commerce are handled through Team Marketing Alliance (TMA), an LLC owned by MKC and three other central Kansas cooperatives. Just like MKC, the expert staff at TMA is focused on assisting producers maximize their revenue potential in today’s volatile markets.

Just as important as our risk management offerings are the tools we offer that bring convenience to the producer’s operation. Our online business system allows producers to conduct almost any grain business with us from the convenience of their home or even their tractor/combine cab. The system is designed to make MKC the easiest, most professional and convenient grain company in which to do business with.