Automated Fuel Delivery

With MKC's fuel delivery system, your tank is automatically refilled so you always have a reliable supply of fuel on hand. Imagine never having to check your tank or bother with fuel orders. You'll appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing your critical planting and harvesting work and everyday tasks won't be disrupted or delayed because you're short on fuel.

Feature What Is It? What It Means To You
Automated Delivery An electronic monitoring system is installed on your bulk fuel tank. When the fuel drops below your predetermined level, the monitor sends a signal to our fuel distribution center, and the nearest delivery truck is routed to your tank. Increased Productivity - No more checking tanks, calling in orders or waiting for delivery. Your fuel is there when you need it most.
Deferred Billing The monitor in your tank calculates the amount of product you have used each month. You are billed for that amount, even though your tank is kept at a pre-determined level. Improved Cash Flow - Because you don't have dollars tied up in fuel that is just sitting in your tank, you have cash on hand for other business.
Average Monthly Pricing A valuable risk management tool. Rather than paying the price posted on the day the fuel was delivered (or used), you'll be charged the average price for that entire month. Reduced Price Volatility - Average monthly pricing can substantially reduce your price risk. You don't need to worry about what the market will do next, or wait to order in hopes that fuel prices will drop.
High Performance Products Cenex delivers top quality fuels that keep your equipment in top shape including Ruby Fieldmaster Premium Diesel Fuel. Peace of Mind - Take comfort in knowing you're getting a top-quality, proven product from people you can depend on.
Online Tank Monitoring Authorized users in your business can log onto to access tank level information, average fuel usage and historical fuel usage at any time. Information at Your Fingertips - You're better equipped to manage fuel inventory and anticipate future needs. This online feature is especially convenient if you have fuel tanks at several locations.