Evolving the Intern Experience

The Collegiate Career Development Program is a partnership of agriculture companies working together to provide a one of a kind experiences for interns.

Our mission is to make the jump from college to the professional world easier by linking companies hundreds of miles away and their interns attending K-State. Interns get to extend their summer experience by continuing to work for their partner, receive mentorship and grow their knowledge of their role, partner company and the industry.

Imagine the impact on an intern if they had a year instead of three months to become more connected to the company, confident in their abilities and ready to engage at a whole new level on their second internship or upon graduation.

The Advantage

In a typical summer internship program, engagement and industry specific skill development stop when the intern returns to school. The CCD Program bridges the gap of lost opportunity with supplemental skill development and continued intern and partner communication. 

The challenges faced today when hiring college graduates is not a lack of knowledge, but a lack of experience with execution in a professional work environment.

Imagine the difference between hiring someone with three months of experience and good potential or 12 months of experience and proven performance.

The CCD Experience

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