Collegiate Career Development Program

More Than a Summer Internship Experience

Our mission at the Collegiate Career Development Program is to make the jump from college to the professional world easier for the interns of our partner companies. Colleges do a great job of preparing students with the newest technical knowledge. The challenges companies are now seeing with new college graduate employees are not a lack of knowledge, but a lack of familiarity with execution and experience in the professional world.

The CCD is built to be the link between companies several hundred miles away and their interns attending K-State. Interns work part-time with these companies, managing and working on projects while growing their knowledge of their role and how they fit into their partner company and the industry as a whole. 

What if you could keep working for that company while you are back at K-State attending classes? You could stay connected with them throughout the school year and return for your second summer internship ready to take on more responsibility and take a deeper dive into the company.

The CCD Experience