A Lender Who Knows Your Operation

When it comes to your farming operation, every seed, every ounce, every acre and every dollar counts. In conjunction with the Cooperative Finance Association, Inc. (CFA) MKC offers financing options to meet the needs of the producer.

CFA's Input Finance Program offers a variety of loan products to fit the producer's crop production and marketing needs. Full-season input financing for crop input is available at any MKC location -- your same proven source of production inputs. Questions on finance, agronomy and other production needs can be handled in a single visit.

Standard Loan Features

  • Quick approval process
  • Non-revolving lines of credit
  • Credit limits to fit the needs of the producer
  • Funding for fertilizer, chemical, seed and petroleum products and related services

Program Advantages

  • Simple loan application
  • Competitive financing terms
  • Loan maturity to match your marketing needs
  • Convenient one-stop shopping for ag inputs
  • Financing through people who are knowledgeable in production agriculture