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Who's who of the CCD Program

October 26, 2020
The Collegiate Career Development Program is a partnership of agricultural companies working together to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for interns. While the summer may be over, the CCD gives summer interns a chance to expand their experiences, network and learnings while continuing their education. 

The mission of the CCD Program is to make the jump from college to the professional world easier by linking companies hundreds of miles away and their interns while attending college. During the school semester, student interns extend their summer internship duties, receive mentorship, work on projects and grow their knowledge of the professional world.

“Imagine the impact on an intern when they have a year instead of three months to become more connected to the company, confident in their abilities and ready to engage at a whole new level upon graduation,” said Hilary Worcester, coordinator of talent and industry partnerships for MKC and CCD Program manager. “Many students don’t get the opportunity to work on their technical and professional skills throughout the semester before college, so the students in the CCD are one step ahead.”

For the fall 2020 semester, the program has seven students representing four different companies. Following along below as we hear from the students in the CCD Program.

Cassidy Kriegh Cassidy-test.png
Grain Merchandising Intern, TMA
Mentor: Lance Adams, TMA Merchandising Manager

“I am a senior at Kansas State University majoring in agribusiness. This past summer, I interned with the TMA merchandising team where I was able to learn and execute real-life merchandising responsibilities. Overall, I really enjoyed my summer with TMA, but my favorite part was working on a team that has great industry knowledge and experience. This fall, I am continuing my internship through the CCD Program where I am working on different projects for the merchandising team. I look forward to continuing my relationships within the team, as well as beginning my career with TMA full-time in May 2021!"

Antoinette DorrisAntionette_website.png
Accounting/Supply Chain Intern, Garden City Co-op.
Mentor: Kelly Drees, CFO; Deanne Unruh, Supply Chain Manager

“I am a senior at Kansas State majoring in agribusiness. I am originally from Rangely, Colorado, which is a tiny town in the northwest corner of Colorado. My internship with Garden City Co-op has been the best internship experience I'vr  had. They have taught me so much and I have grown so much with them. The CCD Program has helped me grow professionally and allowed me to be able to get right to work at Garden City Co-op this summer.”

Ciara Hodgkinson Ciara_website.png
Analyst, CoBank
Mentor: Michael Walton, Lead Relationship Manager

“I am a senior majoring in agribusiness with a minor in political science at Kansas State University My favorite part about my job is the people I get to work with and the ability to carry on the research project from my summer internship. The thing I like the most about the CCD Program is the opportunity to continually development my skills so that I am prepared for the workforce when I graduate.”

Trisha MathewsonTrisha_website.png
Accounting Intern, TMA
Mentor: Emily Reece, Accounting Manager

“I am a junior at McPherson College studying accounting and finance. What I most like about my job and the CCD Program is the real-life experiences I have gained through the opportunity to communicate with internal and external customers.”

Cole Reed Cole_website.png
Decision Ag Consultant, MKC
Mentor: Lauren Liggett, MKC SAM

“I am a senior at Kansas State University majoring in agricultural economics with a specialty in agronomy. My favorite thing about my job is being able to work in a hybrid role, having the opportunity to work with different digital ag platforms as well as interacting with growers in the MKC territory. My favorite part about the CCD Program is getting to work with Hilary on my professional development skills and also working with my mentor Lauren on the skills I will need for the job when I start full-time with MKC following graduation.”

Katlin AlltonKatlin_website.png
Communications Intern, MKC
Mentor: Nichole Gouldie, communications and brand manager

“I am a senior at Kansas State University majoring in agricultural communications and journalism. I love this job because I get to experience every sector of communications, which helps expand my level of expertise. My favorite part about the CCD Program is getting to enhance my professional skills while working with other students in the same boat as me.”

Reile Meile Reile_website.png
Grain Merchandiser Intern, Garden City Coop
Mentor: Lindy McMillen, Grain Merchandiser

“I am a senior majoring in agribusiness with a minor in animal science and industry. My favorite part about my internship is getting to learn more about the markets and different contracts we have to offer though Garden City Co-op. The CCD Program has been a great experience to become close with other professionals in the ag industry while also gaining professional experience every day!”
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