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Real-World Experience with MKC Intern Program

October 18, 2019
Brandon Entz, operations management intern and senior at Kansas State University, gained real-world experience through his two internships with MKC.

“One of the most valuable benefits I can provide our college interns is a real-world experience in daily roles and responsibilities,” says Jeff Jones, vice president and director of eastern operations.Brandon-30-jpeg.jpg

Entz was first an agronomy operations intern in the summer of 2018 at the Lindsborg location, focusing on rig efficacy. In his first summer, Entz learned a lot about agronomy and how MKC operated.

“I did not know what exactly agronomy operations entailed until my internship started. My internship was filled with three months of learning on the go,” Entz said. During the three months, Entz filled work orders, scouted fields and served as plant manager when superiors went on vacation. He truly learned the background of how agronomy operations work.

Near the end of his internship, Entz was still eager to learn more about MKC and the opportunities available. Therefore he reached out to Hilary Worcester, MKC coordinator of talent and industry partnerships for the Collegiate Career Development Program, to expand his journey with MKC.

“I was able to use my skills in operations, along with furthering my professional skills throughout the school year in Manhattan. I worked closely with Jeff Jones and set milestones in order to achieve not only MKC strategic goals but as well as my own,” Entz said.

Through the CCD Program, Entz got to craft his second internship, this time in the position of operations management in grain and agronomy. Entz had the opportunity to manage a bunker at the Canton Terminal, where he led teams of employees with responsibilities including job assignments, time scheduling and shift breaks. Entz also lead central dispatch for the southern half of the company at the Groveland location, dispatching 30 rigs daily.

“In the first two weeks at Groveland, I learned how and when to dispatch rigs, as well as completing the needs of strategic account managers and interpreting every piece of information we received into a way that is economically efficient for the company. At the end of the first two weeks, we ended up completing 80,000 acres sprayed through using our new program,” Entz said.

Entz was able to take the agronomy knowledge he learned in the classroom at Kansas State University and apply it to many avenues of the agronomy operations at MKC. Whether it was keeping the spray rigs clean, switching products or simply making sure all the rigs were in line, Entz built on the skills he learned the prior summer with MKC and returned with more confidence, knowledge and responsibility.

“MKC gives you an experience very few companies offer," Entz said. "I worked hand-in-hand with strategic account managers, agronomy managers and co-workers to truly experience real-world scenarios and responsibilities. MKC helped shaped me into the young professional I am today and prepare me for a full-time career.”
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