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Q&A with Intern Heath Hier

June 30, 2020
Name: Heath Hierheath_2020intern_webblog.jpg
Title: Energy Sales Intern
Location: McPherson, KS
Hometown: Maple Hill, KS
College: Kansas State University

Why did you choose to pursue an internship with MKC/TMA?
I was fortunate enough to hear about MKC through multiple classmates and friends. Everything I heard about the MKC internship experience was that it was a very well-rounded, educational experience.

What does a day in the life of an MKC/TMA intern in your role look like?
My experience in the energy department at MKC varies a lot day-to-day. My mentor has set me up to look at every facet of what we do. Some days I will be riding with sales personnel, and others I will be joining truck drivers to make deliveries, working on inventory at the energy office or looking at logistics. No two days have been the same yet, and I enjoy that aspect of this internship.
What has been the most exciting or interesting thing you’ve learned so far?
Working in the energy department has been very exciting and interesting. With having no prior experience working with petroleum products, it has been fun to listen and learn. It has opened my eyes to what goes on in the oil industry.

What is one thing you have learned in your college education that you’ve been able to apply to your experience this summer?
I am excited to use my education in agricultural economics to help with my project this summer. My project encompasses determining the financial feasibility of placing a fuel station at a new site. I will use my knowledge of agricultural finance to get the return of investment numbers for the project. This is vital to almost every investment, and I am excited to put my knowledge to the test.

What have you gained from the internship experience that you will carry with you in the future?
One thing I will take away from this experience is the knowledge I have gained about the energy industry in general. Coming into this internship, I knew little about different fuels, oils and lubricants, but through this experience, I have gained a lot of knowledge in the field. I have also learned some basic sales training that could be useful later down the road.
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