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Q&A with Intern Jordyn Sanford

July 20, 2020
Name: Jordyn Sanfordjordyn_2020intern_webblog.jpg
Title: Operations Intern
Location: Manhattan, KS
Hometown: White City, KS
College: Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Why did you choose to pursue an internship with MKC/TMA?
I pursued this internship with MKC because I wanted to experience a new side of agriculture. I have lived on a farm my entire life, so with this internship I get to experience what happens in the co-op before and after the farmer brings their wheat in.

What does a day in the life of an MKC/TMA intern in your role look like?
I started working mostly in the agronomy side of the Manhattan location. I would help treat seed, get chemical ready to go out on rigs or even help load shuttles sometimes. I also got to work in the feed mill a couple of days and learned how feed is made and how we make and sew customized feed orders. Now I will go out to the feed mill or the warehouse when agronomy is slow. I like to keep busy, therefore, I’m grateful to be able to work with both feed and agronomy, so I can work where they need me.

What has been the most exciting or interesting thing you’ve learned so far?
The most interesting thing I have done is working in the feed mill because I have never experienced anything like that before. I got to sew feed bags and it is not an easy thing to get used to. It is nice that I’m able to work in both the feed mill and the agronomy department because now I can fill in for whichever department needs an extra hand.

What is one thing you have learned in your college education that you’ve been able to apply to your experience this summer?
I have been able to use my knowledge from my plant science class to help identify weeds and crops. I am also learning what chemicals to use for the specific weeds you have in the fields. I also have taken a forage crop class and I am now seeing firsthand the benefits cover crops can have in an area.

What have you gained from your internship experience that you will carry with you in the future?
I have gained experience in different departments from this internship. I believe I will carry this with me into the future because I will feel comfortable working within those departments again and will already have an idea of what I am doing. I have also learned a lot about how feed rations and chemical orders are made and why those chemicals are used. I also believe that I have gained the ability to work in a fast paced environment and work efficiently in those environments.
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