Optimal Security

delivering profitable yields, reduced risk and an incentive to change behaviors


Capture all of the upside of the high-performing products available through MKC with the peace of mind of a money-back commitment to manage your risk through the MKC Optimal Security Program. Contact a strategic account manager or your nearest MKC location to learn more!

2021 Program Requirements

  1. Plant corn hybrids or soybean varieties based on MKC strategic account manager or agronomy department recommendations.
  2. Apply all fertilizer recommendations.
  3. Apply a product from Prime Dirt (N-TEXX® Soil Inoculant or N-TEXX® Edge).
  4. Maintain good farming practices considered prudent and responsible.
  5. Enroll acres in the MKC Optimal Security Program at a fee of $5 per acre enrolled.
  6.  Maintain a Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) policy on enrolled acres and provide historical yield data.
  7. Provide additional reporting (if warranty triggered).
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How to Enroll Acres by March 31

To enroll in the MKC Optimal Security program, growers must identify specific Optional Units (OU) or Enterprise Units (EU) based on their Multiple Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) unit structure. Annual Production History (APH) analysis and warranty qualification are based on how the grower purchases their MPCI in either unit structure because the data is uniform and accurate.

If a grower uses an Optional Units (OU) structure, they can be enrolled in the program.

Growers who use an Enterprise Unit (EU) structure but do not report production on OU line items must enroll all the acres in the EU. If yield records are maintained for the EU’s individual units, then the individual units can be enrolled in the program.

Growers must carry an MPCI policy on all enrolled acres. The MKC Optimal Security program does not replace crop insurance.

Payment Explanation

If the yield benchmark is not achieved, the payment will be $25/acre for corn and soybeans.

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