Strategic account managers and full-service agronomy centers are equipped with the latest products, programs and services to meet your agronomy needs and help you succeed.


With 12 field marketers trained in agronomy science, six full-service agronomy centers and the newest fleet of applicators in Kansas driven by professional and certified custom application drivers, MKC has what is needed in today's crop production business.

Matched with the professionalism producers have come to expect, MKC offers the highest quality crop inputs. Featuring CROPLAN® seeds along with DeKalb®, Asgrow®, Mycogen®, and NK®, MKC brings forth the right seed for your acres. Offering premium products that are the choice product for midwest farmers, MKC provides products from Agrisolutions, Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow, Dupont, BASF and Bayer.

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In the Field Minute Reports

MKC In the Field Minute Report | Insect Pressures
MKC In the Field Minute Report | Insect Pressures

8/6/2020 2:00:22 PM

Harmful soft-bodied insects and worms can rob your yield right out of the field. MKC utilizes both traditional and biological insecticides to control these pests. Learn more about MKC's control methods with Strategic Account Manager Mike Zacharias....

MKC In the Field Minute Report | Summer Cover Crops

6/23/2020 7:27:47 PM

Cover crops are planted between cash crop seasons primarily for the benefit of the soil rather than the crop yield. Learn more about MKC's summer cover crop mixes and their benefits with Strategic Account Manager Chris Thompson....

MKC In the Field Minute Report | Field Forecasting Tool

1/3/2020 2:28:22 PM

The Field Forecasting Tool (FFT) is the first crop modeling tool that combines the effects of nitrogen, potassium, water and heat stresses on plant growth and development. Learn more about FFT and how it can help growers grasp higher yields and maximize the potential return on investment with Strategic Account Manager Lauren Liggett....

MKC In the Field Minute Report | Farm TRX

10/21/2019 5:27:12 PM

Farm TRX by MKC helps farmers create informed decisions regarding field input by the use of data collection on yield, crop type, and operator performance. View this month's In the Field Minute Report and the use of FarmTRX brought to you by Craig Miller, precision ag specialist at MKC....

A Lender Who Knows Your Operation

When it comes to your farming operation, every seed, every ounce, every acre and every dollar counts. In conjunction with the Cooperative Finance Association, Inc. (CFA) MKC offers financing options to meet the needs of the producer.

CFA's Input Finance Program offers a variety of loan products to fit the producer's crop production and marketing needs. Full-season input financing for crop input is available at any MKC location -- your same proven source of production inputs. Questions on finance, agronomy and other production needs can be handled in a single visit.

Input Financing Options

Strategic Account Managers

When it's critical to have the job done right the first time, you can rely on MKC strategic account managers to help you successfully plan and manage inputs for your operation.

  • Professionally trained and certified
  • Accessible for dependable, timely services
  • Offering competitive products and services
  • Follow-up service for review and planning

Contact an MKC strategic account manager to learn more about the services offered.

Pasture Management

Protect, preserve and conserve: the land and your business. Pasture is your lowest-cost feed source. When weeds and brush get in the way, you need solutions. 

MKC is partnering with A+ Aviation for early application of trusted herbicides to your pasture. Choose from Tordon 22K, 2, 4-D Amine, GrazonNext HL or Escort XP. Contact your strategic account manager of nearest MKC location for more information. 

Wheat Fungicides

A fungicide is an agent that destroys fungi or inhibits their growth. Fungicides are needed to control a disease during the establishment and development of a crop, to increase productivity of a crop, and to improve the storage life and quality of harvested material. Ag professionals and farmers alike are starting to see fungicides resulting in higher yields, even in the absence of disease. Fungicides promote healthier plants through growth efficiency, disease control and stress mitigation.

For wheat, MKC is focusing on the products Absolute Maxx, Topguard, Prosaro and Stratego YLD.  

Bayer Innovation Plus Rewards Program

What is Bayer Innovation Plus Rewards Program?

Innovation Plus™ is a program that offers growers valuable business solutions throughout the growing season. The Innovation Plus Program includes money-saving finance offers and cash-equivalent rebates.

Where is the Catalog?

As of March 30, 2018, Bayer Innovation Plus rewards will only be redeemable for cash, and Bayer will no longer offer merchandise as a redemption option. 

No Paperwork Required to Redeem Your Innovation Plus Bayer Rewards

There’s nothing to fill out and nothing to mail in because Bayer will award points to you based on validated, qualified proofs of purchase, as reported electronically by participating Retailers to DATA DIMENSIONSSM. To qualify, proof of purchase must be provided by your Retailer by September 11, 2019.

Innovation Plus and the Roundup Ready PLUS® Program

For the 2019 season, Innovation Plus and Roundup Ready PLUS are partnering to bring you even more robust offerings than before! Click here to see the combined offers.