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MKC Hosts 52nd Annual Stockholders' Meeting

Jul 26, 2017

The 52nd Annual MKC Stockholders’ Meeting was held on Thursday, July 20 at the Tony’s Pizza Event Center in Salina. More than 500 stockholders, special guests and employees were in attendance.

To begin the evening, Lindsborg Location Manager Shane Eck welcomed everyone and introduced Wade Weber with the Kansas 4-H Foundation. Weber thanked MKC for their donation to the Kansas 4-H Foundation. In 2017, MKC donated nearly $19,500 to the leadership development funds of 18 counties.

Elected to serve on the MKC Board of Directors were District 1 Representative Keith Becker, and At-large Representatives Duane Johnson and C.J. Blew. The three directors are incumbents and will serve another three-year term on the Board of Directors.

Board Chairman C.J. Blew spoke about the 2016-2017 accomplishments of the cooperative. Blew shared his thoughts on MKC’s future and what steps to take to move forward in the agricultural industry and how our strategic planning tactics have allowed us to reach for excellence.

“As I look at the highlights of this past year, I think of accomplishments such as the Sumner County Terminal. A project that was completed on time and enhances the co-ops ability to add value to the grain producers produce,” Blew said. “Other accomplishments include the $3.6 million in patronage distributions, 251 new members and a $26 million increase in net fixed assets as we invest to meet our customer’s needs, both within and outside of our traditional trade territory.

Secretary David Mills presented the proof of due notice of the meeting and the minutes of the July 21, 2016, Annual Meeting for approval. Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Danny Posch presented the financial statements of the company.

President and CEO Dave Christiansen spoke about the changes in agriculture, how farmers have changed and moved the expectations of the agricultural businesses. Times have changed, Christiansen said.  Much of our infrastructure was built when headers were ten to sixteen feet when trucks delivered 250 bushels, planters were six and eight rows, drills were 16 foot, and elevator legs unloaded at 5000 bushels per hour. “All of our producers were the same size so it was easier to offer products and services that appeal to a majority of our customers when they are doing most of the business,” he said.

“Today 20% of our members do 80% of our business, which is moving to 10% of our members doing 90% our business,” Christiansen said. “We must consider these things as we make investments. We have to rebuild the cooperative to serve the needs of the growers of the future. We need to focus on the core customer values to provide faster service, lower prices, improved customer experience and provide an excellent selection of products and convenience.”

Christiansen added MKC must continue to grow our business by achieving and executing on the success factors of the company. These challenges we will face with other growing companies will only allow us to challenge ourselves and look forward to the future.

John Phipps, farmer and commentator on the U.S Farm Report wrapped up the 2017 Annual Meeting as he explained building your tools to success. First, he gave insight on expanding your knowledge and gaining new experiences that would allow you to broaden your thinking. Second, he shared how developing new opportunities in your life can change the future outcomes. Around us new technology is being produced to replace our jobs, as farmers how can we find our place in this ever-changing industry. Thirdly, he spoke about having the patience to embrace the change and having the drive to take on those challenges that will eventually come with change.

He concluded with how you need to upgrade your tools as they build your confidence, help you achieve happiness and allow you to become stronger in your life.

At the conclusion of the Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors elected Board Member Allan Wegner to serve as chairman. Wegner is a farmer and rancher in the Onaga area. Elected by the board to serve as vice chairman is Myron Voth of Walton. Director David Mills of Abilene was elected to serve as secretary.

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