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Kansas Legislator Ag Committee Visits MKC

Jan 31, 2018

On January 19, the Kansas Legislative Agriculture Committee visited the MKC Manhattan location as a part of the Joint House and Senate Ag Committee Tour. Twenty-seven Kansas legislators toured the facilities and learned about the role MKC plays in the industry and how it serves member-owners.
“The tour was intended to give Kansas legislators, serving on the Senate and House Ag and Natural Resources Committees, a snap shot of the breadth of modern agriculture in Kansas, including farm and ranch production, research and the significant role the agriculture service sector plays in Kansas,” said Mike Beam, senior vice president at Kansas Livestock Association.
Several of the legislators serving on these committees represent rural areas. This tour was designed to showcase a few aspects of agriculture and food production.
“The advantage of the committee visiting MKC is that we get to tell “our” story,” said Brett Myers, Manhattan senior location manager. “MKC has to be our own advocate and let legislators know every day what purpose cooperatives and our owners provide the state of Kansas and how important we are to our economy, especially in our small rural communities.”
Senior Vice President and CMO Dave Spears presented to the group on MKC’s history, footprint, employees, members, services provided, community involvement and more.
26733962_1631612583552143_7876210040107746800_n.jpg“I had no idea how expansive MKC had become,” Beam said. “MKC’s role is to help its members adapt to change, provide for more profit opportunities and be engaged in state and federal policy considerations that impact farming, ranching and agribusiness in Kansas.”
Manhattan Agronomy Manager Ken Diehl and Customer Service Manager Tony Hieger led the group on a tour of the facilities. Diehl and Hieger shared their day-to day-tasks and what footprint the Manhattan team covers as well as their services they provide to their customers.
“Probably the most beneficial aspect of the tour was that we not only got to visit one-on-one with our legislative leaders, but also with our agricultural trade group members,” Myers said.  “All of those groups represent either our owners or the cooperatives they do business with.  We work daily with our owners and hear the struggles that they have. I’m always amazed at just how close all of us are to the legislative process and how important it is for our voices to be heard.”

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