Stop the Guessing with the Field Forecasting Tool

September 5, 2018
Written by: Lauren Liggett, MKC decision ag consultant

MKC continues to push forward with the latest technologies in agriculture using Winfield United’s Field Forecasting Tool (FFT).  This industry changing tool uses crop modeling to predict harvestable yield, before the crop emerges from the ground. Entering data that is unique for each field allows for specific in-season management decisions that can help increase overall productivity across every acre.

This spring a team from MKC enrolled 4,425 acres of our member-owners' dryland and irrigated corn and bean fields. Throughout the season the team took 150 tissue samples at three different growth stages. Tissue samples are needed to help “true-up” or calibrate the model to increase the overall accuracy of the predictions made at the beginning of the growing season. Once the model has been calibrated the tool can then accurately predict the correct amounts and timing of nitrogen, potassium and water needed to maximize the potential ROI on that specific field.

This season MKC growers were curious about the accuracy of the tool while others were excited to see how the management decisions paid off. In anticipation of the combines hitting the field, the accuracy of the tool has been successful. FFT predicted one irrigated corn field south of Abilene to harvest an average of 220 bushels/acre. As the combine finished up and the last stock was cut, the field average was 220 bushels.

For more information about FFT, contact your nearest MKC location or strategic account manager.
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