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Innovative Seed Technology to Control Nemotodes to Protect Your Bushels

May 20, 2019
MKC now offers NemaStrike™ Technology by Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions as a game-changing solution to control nematodes in corn and soybeans.
“We believe this technology will be a game-changing solution to combat nematode problems, which is responsible for more yield loss in soybeans, cotton and corn that most realize,” said Kent Nichols, MKC field sales manager. “Today, many growers underestimate the severe impact nematodes have on yield and overall crop health, and it is important to us to educate them about the issue to help them protect their yield.”
Nematodes infect the roots of the plant, taking away its nutrients and water from the inside. Despite how abundant they are, most nematodes are undetectable by the human eye. The presence of nematodes may vary based on soil type, environmental conditions and the presence or absence of actively growing host plants. Many species thrive in sandy soils, though soybean nematodes can be found almost anywhere, including heavier soils.
NemaStrike Technology will provide broad-spectrum control of plant-parasitic nematodes and consistent yield protection performance in corn, soybeans, and cotton. In May, the U.S. EPA issued a registration for the product containing NemaStrike™ Technology. To find more information about nematodes or NemaStrike™ Technology, visit or contact your nearest MKC location or strategic account manager.
Acceleron and NemaStrike are trademarks of Bayer. 
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