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Meet the Interns: Jake Wessel

July 30, 2018
My entire life I have been involved in agriculture, whether it was working with crops and cattle or my involvement in 4-H and FFA.  Because of my experience growing up, I couldn’t imagine working in any other profession.

My name is Jake Wessel, and I am from Cedar Point, Kansas where my family farms and ranches.  This fall I will be starting my junior year at Kansas State University where I am majoring in agribusiness with a minor in agronomy.  At K-State I am the Social Chair for the Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Club.  I also serve as a Senator representing the College of Agriculture in Student Senate.  When I’m not busy with school, I enjoy spending time with my friends, K-State football games and riding my motorcycle.

This summer I’ve worked as the operations intern at Groveland working in grain the first half of the summer and then the agronomy department after wheat harvest concluded.  During my time at Groveland, I learned first hand about ground pile storage while emptying our one-million-bushel corn bunker and then preparing that bunker for the next fill.  I also gained experience in the running of an elevator preparing for, during, and after harvest. 

After wheat harvest, I spent time in the agronomy department to learn more about that side of the business.  I was fortunate to be located at Groveland where I could learn about both grain and agronomy.  While in agronomy I learned about chemical and fertilizer application and the running of a seed plant.
My project for this summer was to prepare a return on investment analysis of the 4.5 million-bushel Yoder bunker.  My experience with the bunker at Groveland helped me better understand some of the similar challenges with the Yoder bunker.  My partners and I worked very hard to prepare a report that we were proud to present.

My favorite experience this summer was when I operated the seasonal elevator at Hilton.  Although challenging, I enjoyed serving the farmers who delivered their grain there and having such a significant responsibility handed to me was rewarding.  It felt good knowing that the hard work I put in was directly helping farmers get the job done that they needed complete.
I am grateful for the experience I’ve had this summer, and I have learned more than I ever could have imagined while working for MKC.
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