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Ethan Knight: A Word from an MKC Intern

August 1, 2015
Having grown up in Moundridge, Kan., MKC has always been a part of my life. My first memories of MKC was when I was a younger. I would walk up to the old service station to hang out with my dad after school. As soon as I could drive, I started helping out my Grandpa on the family farm and this was where I first came into contact with the agronomy side of MKC. Much of our time was spent at the co-op asking questions about crops, cattle and other various items. My time was also spent hauling our grain to the elevator where I was greeted by friendly people, a candy sucker and a refreshing soda.

When my grandpa sold his farm I decided working for MKC as summer help would be the next best thing. A set of great co-workers and management each year kept me coming back for the past two summers. As a senior at Bethel College, I made the decision I wanted to see more of MKC. My summer internship has really done a great job of fulfilling that want. I am an intern at the Moundridge location under Location Manager Brad Wedel. I was excited to be met this summer as an intern with more challenges and responsibility.

I enjoy working with grain but I also enjoy the diversity of the other daily tasks. I like working with my hands in the shop, and repairing and maintaining the equipment. I've had the chance to help out at the ammonia plant where I learned to fill tanks. I also had the opportunity to visit growers with an MKC field marketer and see what their role is in helping them be more successful.

It has been really neat to see all the components that make up MKC. Being able to visit other MKC locations and also speak with and hear from various MKC partners in business has only added to my summer experience. It has been exciting to see how MKC has grown in my lifetime and even in the four summers I have worked for MKC. I am excited to see what the future of MKC looks like. I have learned a lot about the cooperative system and have gained valuable experience this summer. I am definitely excited to see what the future holds.

Sincerely, Ethan Knight

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