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MKC Introduces STEP Program in 2020

January 31, 2020
STEP, standing for "Strategic Thinking and Execution Program," is a new development opportunity designed to ensure MKC continues to grow and remain on the cutting edge with a bench full of leaders prepared to step up into new roles successfully. STEP-Program-2.jpg

STEP is a strategic result of MKC identifying that "retaining talent" was a top internal driving force for future success and that we are in a highly competitive market for people with the skills we need. STEP was designed to touch all business units and is expected to positively impact our employee retention, as well as assist with onboarding. 

MKC staff will lead each section and bring knowledge that is relevant to daily situations our leaders face. Participants will then be asked to put their learning to work each week when they return to their home departments. Topics covered include self-management, employee management, financial management and relationship development.

STEP-Program-(1).jpgLed by Hilary Worcester, Amy Meyers and Jeff Jones, the pilot group members are Jon Schmidt, Walton; Maggie Lindfors, Admin; Scott Barkley, McPherson Energy; Tres Gutierrez, FarmKan; Alex Miller, Onaga; and Emily Reece, TMA.

MKC is excited to continue to provide unique opportunities for growth and development that we believe benefit both our employees and the organization. We are anxious to see the impact this continued focus on employee learning and development can bring us in the future.
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