Employee Assistance Fund Reflects Company Culture

February 26, 2019
Cancer-Awareness-T-Shirts.jpg“Hope for the best but prepare for the worst,” a saying most people have heard time and time again. The saying, along with others like “expect the unexpected,” is a warning that difficult times are always on the horizon, and one should be ready for trouble. While preparing for hardship is a great idea in theory, it’s not so simple in practice.

Saving money for emergencies can be difficult, or impossible in some cases and saving benefits like paid time off “just in case,” isn’t always an option. So, what can MKC and TMA employees do to prepare when unforeseen and unavoidable hardships arise?

They should donate to the employee assistance fund to help others and look toward the employee assistance fund if an emergency ever presents itself. 

The employee assistance fund is an entirely employee-funded benefit that aids workers who need financial help in times of crisis. It is managed by a committee of employees who volunteer to receive requests for assistance, analyze guidelines and award money to the requester upon approval.

The committee has worked to provide support for over 50 employees going through hardship such as serious illness, funeral expenses, emergency travel expenses and fire damage. With over 50 percent of MKC employees regularly donating to the fund, it has become a company-wide movement.

“It’s part of our culture,” said Jeff Frizell, MKC human resources manager. “We step up and help our people when they’re in a serious circumstance.”

Frizell is currently serving as the head of the employee assistance fund committee, and it’s easy to see why he cares about the fund.

“It’s a unique benefit I’ve never seen in another company I, or my friends, have worked for,” he said. “If we can help people lower their stress by helping with an issue, then we are all safer and more productive in our jobs.”
MKC Field Marketer Craig Miller also serves on the assistance fund committee.

“This fund is the only program I can think of, within MKC, that is ran solely by the employees and is not company funded. It’s ran by employees for employees and their families,” he said.

Miller and Frizell have never used the fund personally, but they are comforted by the knowledge they can find aid when needed. They both donate to the fund whenever possible and echoed that being able to keep the fund going is well-worth two or three dollars a paycheck.

“You never know when life will throw you a curve ball and you might need some help to get back on your feet,” Miller said.
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